Friday, January 30, 2009

Vicki's Toe

Vicki got up one morning and said, "Yes", when her little niece asked her to go outside and kick the soccer ball with her. Vicki went out in socks and her robe, kicked the ball and broke her toe in 3 places. Limped back into the house with her toe hanging on to her foot by only the skin. That's Vicki's story and I totally support her.

Years ago, a cousin of Aunt Evelyn's went fishing and came back with no big toe. He said an alligator ate it. When you grow up in Louisiana and your family has a farm out in the country on the bayou, you always hear about a gator eating a small goat, chickens, a devil child, etc.

Johnny Jeff was always a bit strange, but about 6 months after he lost the toe, his Momma was washing his clothes and discovered a withered up disgusting thing in a nice linen handkerchief secured tightly with a rubber band. Johnny Jeff's toe. Kinda messed up the, "I had my foot hanging off the side of the perogue while fishing and the gater ate it story." Notice no one asked how the gator just ate the one big toe? Anyway, Johnny Jeff went to visit Pineville (the insane asylum) for a few months and came back misty eyed and dreamy. He and his Mother dropped in Aunt Evelyn's the next time we were visitng. Johnny Jeff was pretty quiet. During a lull in conversation, unusual since we all talked at once, Johnny Jeff turns to me and says, "Miss Lottie Kate, you and your little sister, Miss Lottie Mae look so much alike." Well, Miss Lottie Mae took wings with that sentence and for a year told everyone "people" think Mother and I are sisters and she's the younger one. Of all Mother and Aunt Evelyn's friends these two loved each other dearly. Took Aunt Evelyn about a year, but she interrupted Mom's story one day to say, "Lottie Mae, the "people" of whom you speak is an insane cousin of mine who lost his toe in a way we don't even want to know about and now carries a placebo toe in his pocket." I truly fell off my chair laughing and Mother had no sympathy for me.

So now you see why I support Vicki's toe story. Can't have her traisping off to Pineville over a toe.
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