Sunday, October 10, 2010

State Fair of Texas - another sculpture sale

Yes, another sale, bringing the total to EIGHT. This beautiful red mosaic flower by Patricia VanBuskirk is our latest. Also shown is the lily by Katrina Doran sold during the first week of the Fair. Tomorrow begins the last week. Get out there and see which sculpture you need for your yard. Or check out my website for an album of all,
Next weekend is the White Rock Lake Studio Artists' Tour. Your special piece may be waiting for you there.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

State Fair of Texas visit

Went to the State Fair of Texas tonight with the two men I loved most in the world, my husband and son. Had a lovely time. Have to admit I'm happiest when I have the two of them all to myself. Ran into serious art fans, Denise and Max, along with their darling granddaughter. Took a picture of them with Bob's art, the archway by Big Tex. Great thing about Bob's art is it's all over the Fair so when we meet people we know we can take a picture with his work in the background. At least I got to tell Denise and Max about Bob's stuff. When I'm out there with Lynn and Sissy, they always beat me to it, telling people, "Bob did that, Bob did that, Bob did that." Well, they're delighted to point out his design work, too. Can't blame them.
Besides Bob's designs, don't miss the Friends of Lottie Sculpture Garden and the art show I put on in the Butterfly House. And if you'd like to browse through an album of the pieces go to

Pet blessings in Forest Hills

Thanks to Andie, Maeleska and Animal Alert.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

State Fair of Texas - Two commissons

Terry Jones called tonight. Big news, he just got two commissions from art lovers who saw his beautiful sculptures at the State Fair. CONGRATULATIONS, TERRY!!!!!
Here are some of his pieces. I can't get into Big Tex Circle to get a good photo of his spider, an incredible piece. Check them all out in person, photos don't do them justice.
Besides participating in the State Fair, Terry has put on the most wonderful show in Jewett, the Jewett EDC show which will get bigger as time goes by. I'm so excited to be hangin' with the big boys in Jewett. Get down there and see his show.
Combining the Friends of Lottie and Butterfly House show, the artists are now making a sale a day. I'm blown away. And I'm hangin' with some pretty big boys and girls in the State Fair show, too.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Northpark's Artspark

I played TSA booth girl at Northpark's Artspark today. Cassandra and Larry had everything up and ready by the time I got there. Seemed a bit slow to me, but it was early and there were a lot of things going on. Think football at the State Fair of Texas, Cottonwood Art Festival and beautiful weather outside. Hopefully it picked up after I left.
We had a few bids on our auction items before I left and hopefully more. They guy in the picture holding my heart is Rost Ginevich with the Madi Museum. I'm embarrassed I wasn't familiar with the museum. But I came home and googled it and decided I want to visit. Rost bid on my heart he's holding. Tanya Lauderdale just sent me a message on Facebook and said she bid on it after. Thank you, Tanya, my wildly best selling artists.
The police officer was great to us taking most of these pictures. When I put my arms around him for his picture I could feel his bullet proof vest. Made me stop and think of the sacrifice he's willing to make for me and all of us.
Nancy Nasher walked by the booth and I followed her and when she stopped thanked her for inviting us to be in the show. Who doesn't love Northpark?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Artspark, tomorrow at Northpark

Artspark tomorrow at Northpark, and your Texas Sculpture Association
board members will be manning a table spreading the word. Our leader, President Elect, Cassandra Fink, has really gotten a great show together. She's rounded up pieces from members to auction, brochures, a video and of course us working. Come out and see us. We'll be signing up new members - could be you.
Here's an incredible piece from a prominent board member, Brad Abrams. His ducks are on display at the State Fair of Texas Friends of Lottie Sculpture show right now. His ducks along with all the other sculptures are for sale for anyone with $$$. If you're a fused glass artists and need fiber paper, Brad has some for sale at incredible prices.
Check out the sculpture show at the Fair on my website:
Tomorrow, Artspark at Northpark.