Monday, August 31, 2009

More Women's Expo

I think I would have made the best ShamWow Guy. Should have asked the guy if he would let me give it a try while I was at the Women's Expo.

Read my latest article about this weekend's Women's Expo. Just double click the following:

Don't forget to go to my website to check out last year's State Fair art show and soon this year's.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Women's Expo

More from this weekend's Women's Expo. Wonderful products that help you relax Chin USA and fun adventures like Choctaw Casinos.

And I'll be writing about Women's Expo in my articles. Might even post more pictures on

Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Women's Expo pictures

More Women's Expo photos.

Check out The Amazing Hoops. These ladies and their thickly padded and weighted fitness hoops are awesome.

I also loved these earcharms by Bargenes. Really unusual and glamourous.

Lake Mary, FL

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Women's Expo

Andie, Cynthia, Marilee and I went to the Women's Expo this evening. Big time was had. Don't know why I don't have pictures of Cynthia and Marilee, but when you've go Elsie the Cow and the ShamWow guy, what else to do you need?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday article

Don't miss Monday's article:

I took my first State Fair piece to the powder coaters today. Took my camera, forgot to take a single picture. Only takes over an hour to get there. Almost to Oklahoma. The piece looks great. Now I have to make 3 mosaic hearts and a base to finish it. Took them the totem to powdercoat. Might remember the camera and then remember to take pictures out there when I pick up the totem. Or not.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday event - GARDEN BUTTONS

Check out today's: article

For more pictures of the great sculpture at the State Fair of Texas outdoor sculpture show last year go to : Go to the last page, picture albums and you'll see the show.

Don't miss this year's State Fair of Texas outdoor sculpture show. The Fair starts September 24, 200.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Super fruit, super flowers

Seems like I only write here when I have an article. Going to try and change that.

Arlene is one of the Women Who Weld I wrote about when I first started this blog. I wanted to name the blog, "Women Who Weld", but Hardy said only 3 welding women would read it. Arlene's one of thosse 3. Read on.

Super Fruit, super flowers

This weekend was too hot to garden, or cook or weld. So decided to branch out from the 'hood and get some takeout. Found a market selling "super fruit". The world, like super fruit, expands when you leave your area. I'm sure they're delicious with a decidedly cement taste.

Last year Wonder Woman Welder, Arlene Shiver, welded "super flower" a beautiful piece for the sculpture show at the State Fair of Texas. Wonder Woman with a Welder will be back this year. Arlene's "Super Sculpture" will be in the totem garden by the lagoon. Branch out to the State Fair of Texas and enjoy fabulous outdoor art - starts Friday, September 25. For more famous sculpture artists go to:

Delbert Beckham
Cynthia Daniel
Marty Ray

Friday, August 14, 2009

It’s happened again. You dropped your cell phone in the toilet. Optimistic person that you are, you run down to the phone store. The store greeter puts you on her list, offers you a seat and you open your copy of “Gone With The Wind”. Days later as you read “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a d*&^m”, someone taps you on the shoulder. A twelve year old says, “I’m Mike, your service agent representative waiter steward phone clerk.”

Mikey takes you to the counter. He looks up your account. Your contract won’t come due until 2209. All the $49.00 cell phones will cost you $4,900.00 unless you want to wait until your contract is up.

The solution? Friday Plant Of The Week.

Grow your own cell phone!

You have a basketful of old cell phones you kept “in case?”. Take them to your garden. Dig a hole 8” by 18”. Place old cell phones in the hole. I prefer a fan shape, do you really think it matters? Cover with compost (furminator compost, of course), garden soil and mulch. Fertilize with power cords. Don’t water! Your phone still reeks from the toilet.

Open your copy of War and Peace and start reading, this could take a while.

Internationally renown artist Delbert Beckham calls cell phone gardening “Lottie Logic”. Delbert gardens in metal, welding fields of beautiful flowers. Check out Delbert’s website and visit his latest inspiration the State Fair of Texas will feature in the park’s sculpture garden.

Happy Cell Phone Gardening!

For more “Lottie Logic” gardening tips:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Furry compost

Furry compost

You have a dog with long fur. Friends who never interfered when you raised your child now insist you must buy The Furminator for your dog. You have a very nice brush for your dog that you never remember to use, but you’re tired of being harassed. You buy the Furminator. Later you realize your brushes, shampoos, hairspray and dippity do, all don’t add up to the price of The Furminator. But your puppy loves you unconditionally, as you love him, so off to the pet store.

The first brushing produces a pile of fur larger than your puppy. You swoop it up and throw most in your compost pile while spreading hunks of fur close to your bird houses. The next day, the same amount of brushing produces another puppy size pile. Oh. You go to Home Depot and buy a couple of 20 gallon plastic trash cans. They fill up in 3 days. Oh. You don’t Furminate for a day or two and worry mountains of puppy fur await.

Here’s the solution. Every other night when you walk your dog, stop at the end of the street. Under the light of the street lamp brush one fourth of your dog. Every street light thereafter, brush one fourth of your dog. When you turn and retrace your steps the fur will be gone, even if it there’s not a breath of air stirring. No one knows why. Perhaps your neighbors ran out, scooped up the fur for their compost pile. It’s too dark for you to know or care, so keep walking. Remember birds all over your neighborhood appreciate puppy fur for their nests and the neighbors prefer dog fur over dog poop in their yard any day or night.

For more expert gardening tips:

Friday, August 7, 2009

Art Conspiracy Seed Event, tonight

More than 20 local artists have created lanterns from coffee tins collected over the last year from a Dallas coffee shop.

Art Conspiracy provided the artists with the tins and they are using their talents to turn them into unique and functional pieces of art.

The money raised during the SEED event will be used to fund the operating costs associated with Art Conspiracy's large scale December fundraiser. The 2009 event will benefit Resolana, an organization that provides rehabilitative arts programming for women in the Dallas County Jail and Dawson State Jail in Dallas.

Art Conspiracy is street level philanthropy. Members of the creative community in North Texas pool their talents to create bi-annual fundraising events that support other nonprofit arts programs. Art Conspiracy events are designed to be affordable and offer everyone a chance to purchase original artwork at a reasonable level!

Web/Phone: 214-794-3510
Date/Time: Friday- August 7 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Location: Sons of Hermann Hall- 3414 Elm Street Dallas . 75226
Directions: From I-30 East. Take 2nd Ave. go .3 miles. Turn left on Ash Lane. Turn left on 1st Ave. Continue onto S. Exposition. Turn left on Elm Street. Hermans Hall is on the left. Street parking available.

A good time was had.

And don't forget to check out my examiner article - Plant Of The Week: