Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Sorry I haven't written.  Bob and I spent days preparing for the amusement park (IAAPA) convention and trade show in beautiful Orlando, then a solid week there and now a few days catching up.  I took loads of pictures and of course now can't find the camera.  We shipped back one large suitcase, the booth and portfolio with all the renderings.  Hopefully, the camera is in one of those pieces.  

I misbehaved the first two days and then settled down and acted nice the rest of the time (sort of).  Told Martha all about it and of course she justified my behavior.  I love her.  Bob didn't get upset, what good would it do?  

The best part is being with the people we love in and out of the business and the continuity of this every year, every November for 35 years.  We've had a booth 25 years and for all those many many thousands of dollars it has cost us to display there, they sent Bob a 25 year lapel pin.  Special, huh?  I'd have preferred - the booth space is on free this year, but please like that would ever happen.  

We had some great dinners with dear friends and delicious food.  The first night is what is now the "Chairmans" cocktail party.  It's not open to everyone, but special invitation to people who have been in the industry for years.  I always enjoy this night.  Use to wear very high heels and very short skirts and flit around the room with my coca cola in a stem glass with a lime.  I do the same thing now, but in black evening pants and shiny black patten comfortable flats.  

One of the first of these parties I attended (some 35 years ago) I wore a red sequin dress Hardy gave me.  He'd made a commercial and had 3 girls dressed up like the Supremes.  He gave me the blue sequin and red sequin dresses.  Michelle got the white one I think.  An old girlfriend of Bob's was there at the party with her husband.  She was in a beautiful red seater with a tiny little sequin piece on it.  Even unfashionably correct me knew this was a really expensive designer sweater.  

She and I couldn't stand each other, of course.  She and her husband (whom I've always adored) came up to us and she kissed Bob and made over him and ignored me.  She's about 5'10", thin and gorgeous.   No wonder I couldn't stand her.  So I hiked myself up to my full 5'3" in my very uncomfortable red high heels that matched my "supreme" red Hardy dress and said to her, "So Carolyn, you couldn't afford sequins all over your sweater like on my dress?"  She looks me up and down in a nasty way - twice.  Then she says, "If you ever speak to me again, I'm going to sit on you."  Well, no one told me she had no sense of humor or she liked to crush the little people by sitting on them.  But I did take her threat seriously.  Wish Hardy was still making commercials, imagine my wardrobe.

For too many years to remember at the chairman's party, I've run across the ballroom and jumped into Dennis' (an old friend) arms and he twirls us around.  The last few years he's nearly dropped me and the night we both fall to the floor I guess we will have to quit.  Lots more fun for me than him, but it is my opening number for the show.  His wife is never there, wonder why?

I'll be spending part of tomorrow looking for that camera so I can get back to my daily routine of writing to you and showing you pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 14, 2008

Billy Bob's Texas Bull Rider Derby, my very favorite game in the whole wide word

Here's my first video.  Wonder if it will work this time.  I'm playing Bull Rider Derby at Billy Bob's Texas with my Casino Crew.  Should have worn my Tiara instead of a chicken hat with weird glasses.  I am the Casino Princess after all.

Hot Flash Art Girls Lunch

Cynthia, Juli, Karen and I met at The Porch for our once a month Hot Flash Art Girls lunch.  I think our last monthly luncheon was 6 months ago.  Now Karen is in charge of our lunch dates and is going to schedule for us and those who can make it fine and those who can't will try for next month.  We discovered we were all REJECTED for the Bath House mosaic art show - Off the Wall Part 2.  My work may  not be good enough for them, but I know the others are.  Can't figure out why not one of us got in.  Will go to the show and see who did.  Sissy was coming with us and totally forgot.  I love that and will use that when it happens to me.

After went out to Salon D (across the Galleria) but to me it seems like Oklahoma.  I sat for 45 minutes while Angie was waiting on me because the girls at the desk forgot me.  Got there a bit before my 1:30 appointment and got out at 6:00.  Would have been a long day if not for enjoying Angie and her clients.  Here's a picture of Angie, to the left, and some of her clients.

Also, decided to put in this last picture.  Sarah, you might show this to Vicki.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Last two Billy Bob's Texas Casino pictures

How did I miss these two wonderful pictures of Vicki and me when I was putting all the Casino visit pictures on after Saturday night's visit to Billy Bob's?  Sweet Geana brought these glasses and I love them.  I look like a movie star - everyone said so - seriously.  I left them there for Pat, so she could take them to work and wow everyone there.  Geana said she has more and will bring them.  There's a little bitty hole in the center of the lenses so you're kinda blind when wearing them, but I look so glamourous, who can resist?

Back to Fall Festival

More Fall Festival pictures.  I'm probably repeating several pictures now, but they're so cute they are worth repeating.  I hope you can see Mike and Shelly's yard and garden in some of these pictures.  They have a wonderful front yard and of course when Mike decorates for holidays it's spectacular.  Can't wait to see what Christmas will bring.  I'm sure the lady ice skater will be back.  We need to get her in the newspaper again.  Maybe I can get Mike to dress as a skater and be up there with her in the picture.  Ice skating in an East Dallas garden, how "cool" is that?  The Fall Festival was a great party.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Forest Hills Garden Club

Finally on the East Dallas Art Gardens blog I have gardening news.

The Forest Hills Garden Club was a small gathering this month at Katrina's house, but we are cute.  Jane left before I remembered to ask Mark to take our picture.  Jane may be one of the most gracious women I know.  Here's Barb, Josephine (brand new member and my back yard neighbor), Mary, me and Katrina.  Why we didn't put Jessica in the middle I don't know.  Jessica is Katrina and Mark's darling baby girl and I think we should make her our official mascot.  Katrina's home looks like she's ready for a photo shoot for Architectural Digest.  

I am not standing next to Mary in any more pictures.  She makes me look 3 feet tall.  

All of our gardens will look better after today.  We've had light rain for quite a while and can only hope it lasts several days.  The girls were talking about continuing to water for the trees all winter.  I always take a tip home from the meetings.

My across the street neighbor had a tree cut down Friday.  I was out back welding and the constant of the chain saw noise all day gave me such a headache.  I wanted to go over there and tell them to just stop.  Of course I did go over after an inspected the logs.  Glo will question me on whether the tree needed to be cut or not.  I didn't see any obvious problems, but I'm not a tree specialist. I have volunteered to be handcuffed to a tree if a developer is cutting it down for no reason.  I'm not afraid of developers.  I proved I can stand them down when I stood in front of that electric company man's front loader.  No monk parrots lost nests that day.

But when it's a neighbor, how do you go over and act like the tree police?  I want to, but I'm a gutless wonder.  Maybe if Glo and I went together.  We will deserve our reputation "crazy tree ladies" in the neighborhood.

The name of the neighborhood is FOREST Hills.  Takes trees to be a FOREST, for goodness sakes.  Well, off the soapbox for now, good night.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Guilbeau relatives with us at Billy Bob's

The Guilbeau relatives are in from California.  Yes, California, not Louisiana.  Mother's brother, Charles, moved to California and this is his only child, Ray, his wife, Karen, son Landon and daughter, Sydney.  Bob and I met them at Mom's and visited a while and on to eat at Billy Bob's and play some games.  As you cans see from the top picture, the Casino Crew was ready with stars in their eyes.  A good time was had.  These three ladies who run the Casino at Billy Bob's are the most delightful people you'd ever meet.  Every Saturday night Bob and I go, it's never work, all fun all the time because they bring fun to work.

Uncle Eddie, Mom's oldest brother flew in from Odessa, Texas (he's 87) to be with all of us.  He didn't go out with us last night, but will is on his way with Ray and family now for lunch.  We are going to find boiled crawfish for Ray.  But to be honest, who will eat more crawfish than anyone?  Remember how concerned I was when Cynthia was invited to Chris and Carol's crawfish boil?  She's from Louisiana and I was sure there wouldn't be enough for both of us.  She finally gave up and I kept going another hour until there were no heads connected to tails.

We had someone shoot a video of us playing the derby race, but I can't figure out how to get it on the computer.  Maybe next post.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fall Festival Pictures continued

More Fall Festival pictures.  I'm sending them to Neighbors-To-Go hoping they will publish a few and then send readers to this blog to find more pictures

Monday, November 3, 2008

More Fall Festival pictures

Welded a bit today just messing around and realized I needed to go metal shopping.  Down to American Metal to look pieces to make another of the commission dining room chairs.  Found some cool stuff and then was digging around and found some cut out pieces I thing will be the chair after this one.  Not as good as when Cynthia and I go to Gold Metal and it's like Christmas, but still quite a find. 

The welding teacher from Booker T was there.  For some reason the boys at American Metal made us wear the construction hats and vests so we were talking about that and struck up a conversation. Later that day I had an Arboretum Artscape meeting.  I was telling them about the teacher at Booker T. and suggested we could maybe do a courtesy rate for a booth for some of her students.  Larry suggested we comp them.  We decided we could even get them a demonstration area.  We will work all that out after I contact her.  Would never have thought of it if I hadn't run into her.  Next time I'll take my camera.  I look so ridiculous in the hat and vest it's worth a picture.  

After the Artscape meeting I met Bob at Dickey's for a quick bite.  Andie joined us.  Then we left Bob and joined the Forest Hills Neighborhood Association Board members for a meeting.  Two 2 hour meetings are a bit much for me. Starting to fade real fast in the second meeting.

Here's a few more Fall Festival pictures.  Talk about cute

Show Entrance Idiot

Cynthia talked me into entering my mosiac heart in the "Sum Of All Parts 2" show at the Bathhouse.  Took me 3 hours to get some pictures, which you can see are not great, fill out the forms, etc.  Got it all done and got to the Bathhouse with 30 minutes to spare from the deadline.  Today I ran an errand in JoAnn's  car (I'm car sitting) and there's the entry form.  I am a Show Entrance Idiot.  Should have figured something was wrong when I had 30 minutes to spare before the deadline.  Saw Katrina when I dropped off half my package and she was talking about the mermaid show she's going to do at the Bathhouse in the spring.  Guess I'll just start looking forward to that.  I know Cynthia will have some fabulous mermaid and encourage me to work on one, so I'd better get started.

Now I'm off to American metal for what else?  Metal.  I have the third chair of my commission in my head and ready to go.  I think this is Arboretum Artscape committee meeting day, so once again, I'll be welding up until time to go.  I'm so dirty and smelly I sit far away from everyone as a courtesy.  At least they let me in.

Tried to upload the pictures I took for the Bathhouse piece and they won't.  

Did I mention a shelf hit me on the head last Thursday.  I have an excuse for EVERYTHING for a year with Bob and six months each with Cynthia and Jay.  Thank goodness!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Festival Pictures

Neighbors in Mike and Shelley's garden for the Fall Festival.  First picture is Dawn Estes making contribution to the Forest Hills Neighborhood Association.  Pretty cool.  Then people who came and enjoyed.  Lots of fun was had.  I'd put Mike and Shelley's yard up against any carnival anywhere in Dallas.  I wish we'd had a bigger turnout.  Mike and Shelley and the rest of the crew worked hard to make this a wonderful party for big and little Fall Festival goers.  Maybe word about all the fun will bring lots more next year.

Mike and Shelley wanted to let everyone know their yard and gardens will be a decorated spectacular like last year (probably more so) and encouraged all to get their decorations going for Christmas.  They sure give Liz at Lizland a run for her money.  The entire neighborhood enjoys their yard each year.  I loved the lady ice skater last year skating in circles.

More pictures to come.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

One Last Halloween Picture

Who can resist one last picture of the "odd" Fairy Princess at Lynn's party?  Susan sent this on Flickr and I want her to teach me how.  Note the jewelry.  No one sparkled like the "odd" Fairy Princess at this party.  But then again when don't I sparkle???  Only when covered with welding slag.

Bob and I went to Art With A Cause tonight at the bank building at Peak and Swiss.  Went to support Jay and was glad to see the Huntoons and others we know.  Cynthia got there about the time we did so saw her, too.  Couldn't stay.  We were late going to see Mother and on to Billy Bob's.  

Mom was really doing well.  I asked her if she knew what today was.  For someone with dimensia who is usually confused, she said, "My Mother's birthday, All Saints Day."  Yes!!!Mom was Lottie Mae and Lottie Mae was my Mother tonight.  What a treat for me and Bob.  I asked her why Texans don't celebrate Maw Maw's birthday with All Saints Day and the painting of the graves.  She said they certainly should.  What a special gift for me when my real Mom is there like tonight.

Billy Bob's VERY slow.  I guess after Willie Nelson last week this was to be expected.  We had the Nashville Stars (tv contest).  I admit I don't have a clue about Nashville Stars.

I got to thank my wonderful ladies, Vicki, Pat and Geana, for my birthday gift - a gift certificate to Home Depot, my favorite store.  They gave Bob gift certificates to restaurants (his birthday is exactly 7 days after mine).  They are the greatest and we love our gifts.  They make it fun for us to be there every Saturday night.  Vicki didn't remind me her step-mother, Sarah, whom I adore had a birthday yesterday.  Sarah also got me a gift certificate at Home Depot and I forgot her birthday.  Shame, shame on me.  

Did get to leave early since it was slow.   We went to IHOP on the way home.  Should have gone after Lynn's party last night so the ladies who work there could have seen me in my "odd" Fair Princess costume.  They would have thought I looked FABULOUS, too.

Happy All Saints Day

When I was growing up in New Iberia, Louisiana, we celebrated my grandmother's birthday (the first Miss Lottie) by going to the graveyard with a picnic lunch and white paint and painting the graves.  November 1st, All Saint's Day,  was a school holiday, probably statewide holiday, but I assumed when the Lottie's reached a certain age (my Mom's a Lottie, too) Louisiana understood the importance of the Lottie's and made our birthday a holiday.  Mother and I are still waiting for Texas to get with the program, or maybe get some above ground graves for goodness sakes.

To digress, here's a picture of me and the Sisters at Lynn's great party last night.  You knew I had more than one Halloween persona.

Happy All Saints Day