Monday, November 3, 2008

More Fall Festival pictures

Welded a bit today just messing around and realized I needed to go metal shopping.  Down to American Metal to look pieces to make another of the commission dining room chairs.  Found some cool stuff and then was digging around and found some cut out pieces I thing will be the chair after this one.  Not as good as when Cynthia and I go to Gold Metal and it's like Christmas, but still quite a find. 

The welding teacher from Booker T was there.  For some reason the boys at American Metal made us wear the construction hats and vests so we were talking about that and struck up a conversation. Later that day I had an Arboretum Artscape meeting.  I was telling them about the teacher at Booker T. and suggested we could maybe do a courtesy rate for a booth for some of her students.  Larry suggested we comp them.  We decided we could even get them a demonstration area.  We will work all that out after I contact her.  Would never have thought of it if I hadn't run into her.  Next time I'll take my camera.  I look so ridiculous in the hat and vest it's worth a picture.  

After the Artscape meeting I met Bob at Dickey's for a quick bite.  Andie joined us.  Then we left Bob and joined the Forest Hills Neighborhood Association Board members for a meeting.  Two 2 hour meetings are a bit much for me. Starting to fade real fast in the second meeting.

Here's a few more Fall Festival pictures.  Talk about cute

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