Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Sorry I haven't written.  Bob and I spent days preparing for the amusement park (IAAPA) convention and trade show in beautiful Orlando, then a solid week there and now a few days catching up.  I took loads of pictures and of course now can't find the camera.  We shipped back one large suitcase, the booth and portfolio with all the renderings.  Hopefully, the camera is in one of those pieces.  

I misbehaved the first two days and then settled down and acted nice the rest of the time (sort of).  Told Martha all about it and of course she justified my behavior.  I love her.  Bob didn't get upset, what good would it do?  

The best part is being with the people we love in and out of the business and the continuity of this every year, every November for 35 years.  We've had a booth 25 years and for all those many many thousands of dollars it has cost us to display there, they sent Bob a 25 year lapel pin.  Special, huh?  I'd have preferred - the booth space is on free this year, but please like that would ever happen.  

We had some great dinners with dear friends and delicious food.  The first night is what is now the "Chairmans" cocktail party.  It's not open to everyone, but special invitation to people who have been in the industry for years.  I always enjoy this night.  Use to wear very high heels and very short skirts and flit around the room with my coca cola in a stem glass with a lime.  I do the same thing now, but in black evening pants and shiny black patten comfortable flats.  

One of the first of these parties I attended (some 35 years ago) I wore a red sequin dress Hardy gave me.  He'd made a commercial and had 3 girls dressed up like the Supremes.  He gave me the blue sequin and red sequin dresses.  Michelle got the white one I think.  An old girlfriend of Bob's was there at the party with her husband.  She was in a beautiful red seater with a tiny little sequin piece on it.  Even unfashionably correct me knew this was a really expensive designer sweater.  

She and I couldn't stand each other, of course.  She and her husband (whom I've always adored) came up to us and she kissed Bob and made over him and ignored me.  She's about 5'10", thin and gorgeous.   No wonder I couldn't stand her.  So I hiked myself up to my full 5'3" in my very uncomfortable red high heels that matched my "supreme" red Hardy dress and said to her, "So Carolyn, you couldn't afford sequins all over your sweater like on my dress?"  She looks me up and down in a nasty way - twice.  Then she says, "If you ever speak to me again, I'm going to sit on you."  Well, no one told me she had no sense of humor or she liked to crush the little people by sitting on them.  But I did take her threat seriously.  Wish Hardy was still making commercials, imagine my wardrobe.

For too many years to remember at the chairman's party, I've run across the ballroom and jumped into Dennis' (an old friend) arms and he twirls us around.  The last few years he's nearly dropped me and the night we both fall to the floor I guess we will have to quit.  Lots more fun for me than him, but it is my opening number for the show.  His wife is never there, wonder why?

I'll be spending part of tomorrow looking for that camera so I can get back to my daily routine of writing to you and showing you pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving
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