Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Wish List Year 2011

May Prince William’s male pattern baldness stop right there.

May Regis Philbin keep his morning show since the alternative is Kathie Lee on the other network.

May your car soon be paid for, for the President of Shell oil says gas is going to $5.00 a gallon. But when has he ever paid for a gallon of gas?

May you find an article of clothing with a size tag that comes close to what you think your size is.

May your parents antique answering machine finally give up so you can say you called, really, the machine’s broken.

May the wind come by right after your neighbor’s blown all his leaves on your yard and cover his yard with twice as many leaves as he started with.

And may you learn to fly that plane, discover a cure for cancer or use the glue gun without burning your fingertips off.

Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We found the real Santa and his secret

And his secret is how we found the real Santa. Santa always travels with Rudolph, but Rudolph gathers more paparazzi than Santa. Santa loves the paparazzi, but kinda resents Rudolph eclipsing him.

Santa has homes in many lands. Santa believes he’s incognito eleven months of the year because of the magic spell he puts on Rudolph. No, no one (not even paparazzi) suspects a corgi in a reindeer suit following a man who spends a lot of time training Japanese maples to grow like Christmas trees in East Dallas.

Sorry Santa, Rudolph gave you away, but we’re so glad to find you.

Come see “the real” Santa, Sunday, December 5th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm - Highland Park Cafeteria our favorite East Dallas eatery, sponsored by White Rock Lake Real Estate and Little Forest Hills Neighborhood Association.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

State Fair of Texas - another sculpture sale

Yes, another sale, bringing the total to EIGHT. This beautiful red mosaic flower by Patricia VanBuskirk is our latest. Also shown is the lily by Katrina Doran sold during the first week of the Fair. Tomorrow begins the last week. Get out there and see which sculpture you need for your yard. Or check out my website for an album of all,
Next weekend is the White Rock Lake Studio Artists' Tour. Your special piece may be waiting for you there.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

State Fair of Texas visit

Went to the State Fair of Texas tonight with the two men I loved most in the world, my husband and son. Had a lovely time. Have to admit I'm happiest when I have the two of them all to myself. Ran into serious art fans, Denise and Max, along with their darling granddaughter. Took a picture of them with Bob's art, the archway by Big Tex. Great thing about Bob's art is it's all over the Fair so when we meet people we know we can take a picture with his work in the background. At least I got to tell Denise and Max about Bob's stuff. When I'm out there with Lynn and Sissy, they always beat me to it, telling people, "Bob did that, Bob did that, Bob did that." Well, they're delighted to point out his design work, too. Can't blame them.
Besides Bob's designs, don't miss the Friends of Lottie Sculpture Garden and the art show I put on in the Butterfly House. And if you'd like to browse through an album of the pieces go to

Pet blessings in Forest Hills

Thanks to Andie, Maeleska and Animal Alert.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

State Fair of Texas - Two commissons

Terry Jones called tonight. Big news, he just got two commissions from art lovers who saw his beautiful sculptures at the State Fair. CONGRATULATIONS, TERRY!!!!!
Here are some of his pieces. I can't get into Big Tex Circle to get a good photo of his spider, an incredible piece. Check them all out in person, photos don't do them justice.
Besides participating in the State Fair, Terry has put on the most wonderful show in Jewett, the Jewett EDC show which will get bigger as time goes by. I'm so excited to be hangin' with the big boys in Jewett. Get down there and see his show.
Combining the Friends of Lottie and Butterfly House show, the artists are now making a sale a day. I'm blown away. And I'm hangin' with some pretty big boys and girls in the State Fair show, too.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Northpark's Artspark

I played TSA booth girl at Northpark's Artspark today. Cassandra and Larry had everything up and ready by the time I got there. Seemed a bit slow to me, but it was early and there were a lot of things going on. Think football at the State Fair of Texas, Cottonwood Art Festival and beautiful weather outside. Hopefully it picked up after I left.
We had a few bids on our auction items before I left and hopefully more. They guy in the picture holding my heart is Rost Ginevich with the Madi Museum. I'm embarrassed I wasn't familiar with the museum. But I came home and googled it and decided I want to visit. Rost bid on my heart he's holding. Tanya Lauderdale just sent me a message on Facebook and said she bid on it after. Thank you, Tanya, my wildly best selling artists.
The police officer was great to us taking most of these pictures. When I put my arms around him for his picture I could feel his bullet proof vest. Made me stop and think of the sacrifice he's willing to make for me and all of us.
Nancy Nasher walked by the booth and I followed her and when she stopped thanked her for inviting us to be in the show. Who doesn't love Northpark?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Artspark, tomorrow at Northpark

Artspark tomorrow at Northpark, and your Texas Sculpture Association
board members will be manning a table spreading the word. Our leader, President Elect, Cassandra Fink, has really gotten a great show together. She's rounded up pieces from members to auction, brochures, a video and of course us working. Come out and see us. We'll be signing up new members - could be you.
Here's an incredible piece from a prominent board member, Brad Abrams. His ducks are on display at the State Fair of Texas Friends of Lottie Sculpture show right now. His ducks along with all the other sculptures are for sale for anyone with $$$. If you're a fused glass artists and need fiber paper, Brad has some for sale at incredible prices.
Check out the sculpture show at the Fair on my website:
Tomorrow, Artspark at Northpark.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

State Fair of Texas/Seven sales in seven days

Seven sales in seven days!!!!!!!!! In the Friends of Lottie show: Betsy Doan and Katrina Doran. Butterfly House: Sandy Mackenzie, Tanya Lauderdale, Kate Schatz, Cynthia Daniel and Dan Dudley. I have some pictures. I don't know which of Katrina's flowers sold and I don't know which of Dan's pieces is Flower Lady - but ALL SOLD!
Here's the coolest part. Someone wanted to buy Tanya's piece. Said they'd come back with the money. Deadline passed and another visitor snapped it up with CASH! Is that story too cool for school? Tanya's on a roll and one of the most delightful people in the world. You go girl!
Don't miss Katrina on Good Morning Texas tomorrow.
And remember I have an album of all the sculptures ( I most sincerely hope) on the second page of my website:
Please post State Fair sculpture pieces on the Friends of Lottie Sculpture Garden fan page.
And don't forget many of these wonderful artists are opening their studios for the White Rock Lake Artists' Studio Tour, Oct 16 and 15 (sat and sun) 10:00 to 6:00.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour

This morning I went to Virgina's Pegasius Art studio for more glass. I know it's now more than an addiction. Who's there buying but Sylvia Thornton. She's not a glass fuser, but she's such a great artist she incorporates all kinds of different mediums in her art.
I usually run into Sylvia at art receptions and parties dressed to the nines and looking fabulous. She's really pretty. Today with the morning sun making everything way too bright, I looked at Sylvia after our hug with no makeup, casual clothes, hair swept up with a barrette and she looked fabulous. You can't even get annoyed with her about that because she's so nice. Trust me, I tried. You can see beautiful Sylvia and the incredible piece Sylvia will be making with the glass she bought today during the White Rock Lake Artists' Studio Tour; Saturday and Sunday, October 16 and 17 from 10:00 to 6:00 pm.
Speaking of fabulous artists, here's Virginia's piece at the State Fair of Texas Friends of Lottie Sculpture Garden. I welded this weird grubby little table for her and she took it and turned it into a showpiece. Virginia is a master artist and very pretty, too. You really should go to the Fair and see her table in person. Might want to take it home with you.
Virginia's of course on the tour, a founding member. She's on my street. I know her studio will be crowded - throw me a bone and come on down the street to my studio after. I'll have drinks "soft" to lure you in.
Here's Virginia's wonderful table.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

State Fair of Texas

Andie, Cynthia and I went to the Fair today to finish putting out the artists' signs. Couldn't get ahold of Rebecca till we were about to leave. Hopefully she will get them out or we can get back out there. We had a big time taking pictures of all the sculptures in the Friends of Lottie show and the Butterfly House show.
If we had a contest for most photographed piece, give it up already, Staci's glasses win by a mile. Everyone was looking inside the lens and taking a picture of themselves. So much fun to watch Fairgoers and Staci's fabulous piece! Get out there and check out all the wonderful pieces.
I'll have all the pictures on my website soon.

Monday, September 27, 2010

JEDC/Leon County Art Trail

Terry Jones installed my Tic Tac Heart today in Jewitt. Saturday Delbert and Wilma came over after picking up sculptures at the Gaylord (where Delbert sold 3 pieces). They brought back Virginia's and my piece from the show Delbert put on and took my Tic Tac Heart along with his piece to go in the JEDC/Leon County Art Trail Sculpture Show.
During Delbert's State Fair of Texas Friends of Lottie Sculpture Garden installation Wilma and I were visiting and Delbert hollers at me, "Lottie, focus!" Huh? Oh, he wanted me to decide where his pieces were going - that's why we were there. Well, I focused and Delbert got them installed in great places.
When Wilma and Delbert came over Saturday did Delbert holler "Lottie, focus!" at any time? No! So we loaded my Tic Tac Hearts in his truck and they drove off. Terry calls me the next day and says, "Where's the base for you sculpture?" OOOOOOOOOOOOOPS! I needed to blow 4 holes in the base so Terry could bolt them to the cement pads he poured for all the sculptures to be installed. I looked over and there sat the base, next to my tanks.
Today I drove the base down to Jewett and met Terry and his wife Carla. What a great place they have on the main street. Worth going to Jewett to see that many of Terry's pieces in one place. I asked Carla if any other women were juried in and she said, "No, you're it." WOW I feel like I'm really with the big boys now.
Terry installed my piece in a nano second. Then Carla and Terry took me on a tour of all the sculptures. Did I think to take pictures of these impressive pieces? No. I'll ask Carla where to find pictures of all and post the link in a day or two.
Terry and Carla have done an incredible job putting this show together and now everyone wants in including the more businesses. Speaking as someone who's put on a few art shows, you can see all their hard work in the end result. And check out the brass plaque Terry installs next on the pad with your sculpture with all your information. Are we talking classy or what?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

White Rock East Garden & Artisans' Tour

Your hardworking WRLAST artists were busy busy at Artistic Gatherings this afternoon addressing the studio tour brochures, licking stamps and sending to your mailbox. Never the diligent one, I went for a moment to pick up brochures and take pictures of the hard workers. Cynthia called to say she'd pick me up, but wasn't going to clean up so she could go back home and to work. Perfect. Well, Cynthia's idea of not cleaned up and mine are two different things. I'm sure all those people were embarrassed to see me in my overalls with slag all over me. Also surprised Cynthia let me in her car. Well, not like they don't know me.
What a beautiful day to be outside welding today. And the BlackJack walk tonight was delightful. I've lived in Texas too long, I know we could still have a few 100 degree days. I'll just be enjoying days like today when they're here.
Once again, White Rock Lake Studio Artists' Tour, Saturday and Sunday, October 16 and 17 from 10:00 to 5:00 - FREE - don't miss it!
And of course there's that incredible sculpture show going on now at the State Fair of Texas. I'll have a photo album of all the pieces on my website in a few days. You can enjoy installation albums of the Friends of Lottie show and the Butterfly House installation on the website now.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

White Rock Lake Studio Artists' Tour

Terra cotta cut into shapes with a tile saw turn into mud which eventually turns me into mud. I wore my clear face mask and wrapped myself in a big garbage bag and still I turned the color of red mud. Forgot to put anything on my head. OOOOOPS I washed my hair, but I still feel shards and won't even try to run a comb thru my hair. Did have a thought that terra cotta dust could be a root touch up.
The pots I'm cutting up are from fused glass class at CAC. Becky taught us how to drip glass in a kiln through clay pots. The pots retain some of the glass in great patterns. She was throwing the pots away. I asked if I could have some and the plan was to mosaic this heart I made years ago with this cool stuff. Well I glued about 6 pot bottoms to the heart and put that aside for a few months that turned into a year. Decided to finish it for the White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour coming up Saturday and Sunday, October 16 and 17. The tour is worth me turning into mud. Should be out there right now working on it, but hooray it's raining.
I cleaned up my Tic Tac Hearts for Delbert to pick up today and take to Jewett, Texas so Terry Stone can install for the Jewett sculpture show. Now there's a big bare spot in the front yard and this heart will fill the spot nicely.
I used liquid nails to glue on the terra cotta pieces to the heart. Spent about an hour after my shower trying to get the glue off my hands so I could meet Debbie's Angels at Lee Harvey's to toast our Debbie. I used liquid nails because I bought a bucket full of tubes at one of Lynn's estate sales. Gloves? you ask. Please, that would be the smart thing to do, I'm not into that.
It sprinkled rain at Lee Harveys. We knew it was Debbie saying she was with us. Lovely evening, we all agreed we'll return often.
Meet Debbie's Angels Saturday afternoon October 16. They will be in my back yard wearing their halos, showing Ms. Stearns heart and visiting with tour goers. How often do you get to meet real live angels??????? Hearts seem to be the theme at my studio this year.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jewett EDC outdoor sculpture show

Really exciting new. Terry Jones' Jewett EDC outdoor sculpture show in Jewett, Texas is juried and about to be installed. Terry invited me to enter and with all that's going on I wouldn't have except he has been so faithful bringing incredible pieces to my Friends of Lottie Sculpture Show at the State Fair. So because of Terry I entered. They juried 12 pieces in and I was accepted. Jetett EDC awarded $500 to each accepted, plus a complimentary one night stay at the Executive Inn & Suites on Main Street. Now that's the way to put on an art show. Delbert Beckman (also one of my faithful State Fair artists) was accepted and graciously offered to take my piece when he goes to install. More graciousness, Terry is going to install the piece on the 4 foot slab he probably built. I blew out some holes in the base today for his bolts. How about Delbert and Terry taking care of me? Seriously good people. I appreciate them.
More information as the show unfolds.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

State Fair of Texas

We're installed!!!!! I haven't counted how many pieces or artists. Next post. The fun flew during installation, my favorite day of the year. I love these wonderful friends/artists who show up to for me along with the new artists. Go to my website for installation pictures. My phone rang constantly and I was a little busy so taking pictures wasn't my priority, but I got a few cute ones. Had a panic attack when I lost my water bottle. Darling Staci to the rescue for Lottie DAAAAAAAA with a cooler of water and Little Debbie Snack Cakes. I ate 5 red velvet mini cakes. Simply delicious. Then after calming down, I found the water bottle in the pocket of my overalls. Shame on me for worrying, I was surrounded by people who take the most excellent care of me, allowing me to put on the best and biggest show in Texas. They are the best.
Come out to the State Fair of Texas, get a map from the information booth, ask the people in the booth to show where Sculptors' Way is located on the map. Then have them point. Follow their point and go see the FABULOUS sculptures by my most FABULOUS artists during the State Fair of Texas.
And maybe even take out your checkbook and buy one of the most incredible pieces. I promise, on my Friends of Lottie Sculpture Show curator oath, the sculpture you buy will bring you good luck, good friends and good thoughts about you. Where else can you get all that from one purchase???????

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

State Fair of Texas sculpture install

Today is install day for the State Fair of Texas Friends of Lottie Sculpture Show. I'm going out this morning to install my pieces and go back at 5:00 until dark for the artists while they install. Love installation day. Not crazy about all the walking I'll be doing. I was worn out from the butterfly house installation and that's in a confined area, not to mention mosquitoes will be vicious tonight and you know how they treat me like like their favorite buffet.
Usually the night before installation Lynn and Sissy call me and ask if I need help grouting. I say, "No, I'm OK." Of course I'm not and they know that, so they trot on over. I told them a few weeks ago my mosaic football was finished and I would not need them.
Last night I called Lynn around midnight and told her I'm astonished she didn't call to check on me. She said I assured her I was OK weeks ago. I've assured them before and not been OK. Actually, I am OK, but while polishing the football I found two teeny tiny spots I missed grouting. I'm out of black grout so asked Lynn to put two teaspoons on her porch for me for this morning. I'm on my way to get it right now. Thanks Sisters in Art.
Here's a few more pictures of really pretty artists with their great pieces during install at the Butterfly House Sunday. More pictures on

Monday, September 20, 2010

Texas Discovery Gardens

Yesterday, we installed sculptures in the Butterfly House in the Discovery Gardens at the State Fair. Pictures of install day are on: Great pieces, wonderful artists. Sarah, our Butterfly House liaison, so professional with her clipboard checking in the artists and making sure she has all their information.

As you can imagine, it's a bit humid inside the with the butterflies. I felt like someone took all the juice out of me after being there from 1:00 to 5:00. But the show looks great and my artists/friends outdid themselves. We all enjoyed the butterflies hovering around giving their own advice as to placement of the pieces - so opinionated to be so small.