Saturday, October 2, 2010

Northpark's Artspark

I played TSA booth girl at Northpark's Artspark today. Cassandra and Larry had everything up and ready by the time I got there. Seemed a bit slow to me, but it was early and there were a lot of things going on. Think football at the State Fair of Texas, Cottonwood Art Festival and beautiful weather outside. Hopefully it picked up after I left.
We had a few bids on our auction items before I left and hopefully more. They guy in the picture holding my heart is Rost Ginevich with the Madi Museum. I'm embarrassed I wasn't familiar with the museum. But I came home and googled it and decided I want to visit. Rost bid on my heart he's holding. Tanya Lauderdale just sent me a message on Facebook and said she bid on it after. Thank you, Tanya, my wildly best selling artists.
The police officer was great to us taking most of these pictures. When I put my arms around him for his picture I could feel his bullet proof vest. Made me stop and think of the sacrifice he's willing to make for me and all of us.
Nancy Nasher walked by the booth and I followed her and when she stopped thanked her for inviting us to be in the show. Who doesn't love Northpark?
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