Sunday, June 27, 2010

No Lottie was hurt in this cooking session

Finally I'm cooking something. Earrings. First I got inspired and really organized the glass in drawers and tubs Virginia gave me. Even labeled. Pretty smooth.

Cut the glass, grinded the glass, glued the glass and didn't get cut, ground down or high from sniffing. Not a burn mark on me while they are in the kiln. Now this is cooking I can do.

Speaking of Virginia, here's a sneak peak at something Virginia's doing that's very cool.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lottie Logic #4 - conspiracy theory

I thought it was a once in a lifetime experience - until today.

Our Miss Calico ruled this house with an iron paw and not in a nice way. She tormented our Darling Blue Dog, even when he was in his wheelchair. She was the only one who rejoiced when he died and declared herself the ONLY only child. When BlackJack arrived she made it her life's work to wreak havoc with him. She barely tolerated the humans in the house.

When our Miss Calico turned 16 "someone" kidnapped her and immediately replaced her with an exact Miss Calico replica, but sweet. Nice to BlackJack, got in bed with us at night and let Bob pet her until she fell asleep. A sure sign this wasn't our cat. We explained to friends who knew her, but thought we were crazy.

But I experienced another kidnapping today. Went to see Mom at dinner time, brought her a chocolate malt as always. The meanest resident of the nursing home is sitting at Mom's table. I fear her. Took Andie, Sweet Andie, with me one day to visit Mom. Nasty lady is sitting at Mom's table. Sweet Andie turns to nasty lady (before I can warn her) and says, "Hello, how are you?" Nasty lady nearly bit her face off. Nasty lady is on oxygen. Andie and I both whispered about squeezing the little tube BUT WE DIDN'T.

Anyway, I sit down next to Mom and Nasty Lady says, "How are you, Lottie Kate". Mom calls me Lottie Kate. I nearly fell off my chair. I said, "Fine." Nasty Lady says, "What a pretty blouse you have on." I held onto my chair and said, "Thank you." Nasty Lady continues, "How nice of you to bring your Mom a malt." I got scared.

I know what you're thinking. It's a nursing home - someone gave her nice pills. Well, if they had nice pills that would work on Nasty Lady, don't you think they would have given them to her months ago? No, "someone" has kidnapped Nasty Lady and cloned someone just like her to replace her just like they did Miss Calico. There are no nice cat pills.

"Someone" is out there and they're targeting humans and fur people. You have been warned.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

P.S. Oreo found a home

I posted on Facebook and forgot to tell you here Oreo found a home. Wonderful Angie talked to friends whose dog died a while back and they were ready. Randall and Jamie took Oreo to meet them at a McDonalds. I knew they would take her once they met her. Great storybook ending.

Randall called when he got home and said everyone already misses her. We all thank Angel Angie who was determined to find Oreo a home.

Lottie Logic #3

Welded today. Stayed out of the kitchen. Made for an easier day.

Later went to see Mom. Stopped at the Sonic on Garland Road for her Root Beer Float. The price was $2.17. Guess what? At the Sonic on Ross Avenue it's $2.37. Now why is that? I wouldn't say Ross Avenue is Uptown yet. It's still the Walk In Ride Out dream place for used car sales.

The other day I thought she might be tired of ice cream (what am I nuts?) and got her an icy drink of some kind. She took a drink and said, "There's no ice cream in this drink."

"But do you like it, Mom?"

Miss Polite replies, "It's OK, kinda plain without ice cream." I won't make that mistake again, whether I pay $2.13 or $2.37 for that Root Beer Float - it's all about the ice cream.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lottie Logic #2

Remember the public service announcement about our toaster oven who had it in for me? I put it in the front yard and it was gone in a nano second. Hopefully the toaster will like the new owner and not spend it's time plotting against them.

I welded all morning. Pretty hot. Decided to come in and make Bob and me a smoothie. Simple one - frozen strawberries, blueberries and a couple of bananas. I'd taken the blender apart and put in the dishwashers, took it out sparkling clean.

Put the blender together, dropped in the ingredients, added soy milk and turned on.

Soy milk, strawberries, blueberries and bananas EVERYWHERE. Couldn't find the off button because of stuff in my eyes, so I hit a button that turned it on EXTREME.

Yes, I had the top on.

Finally pulled the plug and started cleaning up.

You know that little rubber ring on the bottom of the blender pitcher? Found it in the bottom of the dishwasher.

This is a very obvious scenario of the blender taking up the cause - GET LOTTIE. I can hear it laughing inside the dishwasher.

The Kitchen Wars continue. Well, it's actually on hold. You can't go in the kitchen right now. Feet stick to the floor.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Missed the grand prize

Check out the Dybala family and friends party last night:

Juli sent us a message today, "Bob Number 5" the pigeon won the race last night. My Bob bet on him and his name was drawn. Would you believe you had to be there to win? Of course, we had to leave early because of my extreme fear of dusk mosquito attacks to my person.

I sprayed half a bottle of Deep Woods OFF, was wearing my OFF fan and treating what bites I had with Campo phinique (sp). Not only do the mosquitoes love me more at dusk, but in the last few years I've turned an unsightly shade of green from so much OFF spray and dusk seems to make me greener, not in a pretty way.

Juli said the prize was a t-shirt and pigeon poop. The last time Bob had pigeon poop a pigeon dive bombed him at The Statue of Liberty when we were waiting in line to get in. I'm thinking of designing and sewing an outfit like a beekeeper's so Bob and I don't have to leave when the little kids are asked to go inside.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Public Service Announcement - dangerous toaster oven

If I may blog for a moment about a danger in my kitchen and possibly yours.

I've been welding a lot, trying to get moving on my State Fair sculpture. Up early and starved by lunchtime. I have the same lunch every day, I know - boring. Parmesian encrusted talapia from Sams and steamed brocolli. Last week I put the talapia in the toaster oven and for some reason I touched the stainless steel while it was cooking and burned the !!!! off my fingers. Next day did the same and burned my palm. Two days later the inside of my wrist.

I have never had an accident while welding, but my hands are a mess from this toaster. The toaster doesn't like me. Once an object gets it in for you, it's over. They never straighten up.

Bob had a Jaguar once that hated me. He traveled a lot and it wouldn't start when he returned. The Jag guys said if I would just drive it while he was gone it would be fine. Not. Died on me every time. This car was jealous and didn't want to share Bob. Never gave Bob a moment's trouble.

For some reason the toaster oven has decided it hates me so I'm trashing it. After the Jag situation, I think it's a matter of time before this nasty thing catches me on fire. No car, no toaster oven is worth the havoc they can wreak. Stay alert and aware of objects that get it in for you, they never give up.

Let this be a warning to all.

A few more pics

Marla and Michael, Andie and art under tree, more garden tour pictures

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oreo needs a home

This is Oreo. She needs a home. Our son is in college in Denton. He lives in a 4 bedroom student housing apartment. Two of his room mates are old friends. Mid term another guy moves in and brings Oreo. Dogs are not allowed in student housing. The guy gets a job that takes him away from home most of the time. Oreo is left in his room. Our son and his two room mates begin to care for her, walking her, buying food for her, etc. They told me one day the guy came home and had no food for Oreo and put dry macaroni in her bowl. But the boys made sure she had real food. Despite being left alone for hours she never had an accident. She's a good girl.

The guy skipped a couple months rent and the apartment manager finally threw him out. But he was impressed the boys cared for Oreo and he has given them a week or so to find Oreo a home or a no kill shelter. Except for being depressed, she's a great dog. Don't know much about her except she's spayed.

Bob and I are so proud of our son and his friends coming to Oreo's rescue. If you know anyone who could take Oreo, please let us know.