Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lottie Logic #3

Welded today. Stayed out of the kitchen. Made for an easier day.

Later went to see Mom. Stopped at the Sonic on Garland Road for her Root Beer Float. The price was $2.17. Guess what? At the Sonic on Ross Avenue it's $2.37. Now why is that? I wouldn't say Ross Avenue is Uptown yet. It's still the Walk In Ride Out dream place for used car sales.

The other day I thought she might be tired of ice cream (what am I nuts?) and got her an icy drink of some kind. She took a drink and said, "There's no ice cream in this drink."

"But do you like it, Mom?"

Miss Polite replies, "It's OK, kinda plain without ice cream." I won't make that mistake again, whether I pay $2.13 or $2.37 for that Root Beer Float - it's all about the ice cream.
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