Monday, June 14, 2010

Public Service Announcement - dangerous toaster oven

If I may blog for a moment about a danger in my kitchen and possibly yours.

I've been welding a lot, trying to get moving on my State Fair sculpture. Up early and starved by lunchtime. I have the same lunch every day, I know - boring. Parmesian encrusted talapia from Sams and steamed brocolli. Last week I put the talapia in the toaster oven and for some reason I touched the stainless steel while it was cooking and burned the !!!! off my fingers. Next day did the same and burned my palm. Two days later the inside of my wrist.

I have never had an accident while welding, but my hands are a mess from this toaster. The toaster doesn't like me. Once an object gets it in for you, it's over. They never straighten up.

Bob had a Jaguar once that hated me. He traveled a lot and it wouldn't start when he returned. The Jag guys said if I would just drive it while he was gone it would be fine. Not. Died on me every time. This car was jealous and didn't want to share Bob. Never gave Bob a moment's trouble.

For some reason the toaster oven has decided it hates me so I'm trashing it. After the Jag situation, I think it's a matter of time before this nasty thing catches me on fire. No car, no toaster oven is worth the havoc they can wreak. Stay alert and aware of objects that get it in for you, they never give up.

Let this be a warning to all.
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