Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hardy's State Fair installation photos

Professional photographer, videographer, seriously creative person and Bob's and my dear friend came out and took pictures of the State Fair of Texas Fabulous Outdoor Sculpture Show installation.  He just sent me 3 pictures and is going to put the rest on a disk.  What a guy.  Maybe he will put part of the video on my blog and even u-tube.  Have I ever looked grubbier than I did that night?  Yeah, maybe when I was cutting slate out front for my sidewalk and the slate turns to mud when you use the saw.  Then I turned to mud.  But I digress - don't I always?  As soon as I get Hardy's disk I'll start posting his pictures, too.  Here's the 3 he sent.  Tho the pictures are great they really can't capture how much fun, how much energy and what a really incredible night it was.  To all of you who were there, I'll never forget it and hope it was special for you, too.

First picture is Virginia and her darling husband, Jim.  Good thing Jim's brother wasn't in the picture.  I would not have been able to tell them apart in a picture.  Guess I would have said, Virginia, Jim and the brother.  Next is Vet working on Baby Orca.  This is such a great piece, so inventive and Vet's great.  Virginia and I are thinking of taking her purse making class.  Third picture is Marty in the middle and I don't have a clue who's back of heads we're looking at.  Whoever you are - you're just unrecognizable from the back, sorry.  Does Marty look ready for action or what?  

Today I had lunch with My Darling Martha Dawn in old town Carrollton.  We walked around some shops and I bought Marty's Richard a little tiny teeny rooster at an antique shop.  They had several farm animals.  The odd part is I collected these little tiny teeny animals as a kid.  Don't have a clue whatever happened to them.  I'll be afraid to put the rooster in Richard's big hand.  It will get lost.  But his Rudy's Totem is so special, he needed another rooster.

Come out to the Fair and see the Totem Garden and the Sculpture Garden along the walk.

New photos of State Fair Totems

The State Fair of Texas is open and the Sculpture/Totem Show is spectacular if I do say so myself.  Here's pictures of a few pieces.  Delbert's "Eye Can", Jay's very tall totem with farm implements, Gary's wonderful pottery totem, and Dan's incredible piece.  All have names, but I'm having a senior moment and can only remember Delbert's right now.  I'll post more pictures every day. 

We ended up with 45 artists bringing 56 pieces.  I've been to the Fair every day for a few minutes and I'm impressed with the Fair guests who are very respectful of the art.  Yesterday when I went out there was a girl pretending to play one of the guitars on my totem while a friend took a picture of her.  I almost asked for a copy, because of course Miss "Flash" didn't have her camera.  

I still can't get over how much fun installation was and the high energy and good times we had.  Can't imagine being able to repeat that one.  Of course, there were a few artists who knew they were special and had to KEEP asking for special considerations.  So, in the words of Sarah Palen, the pitt bull in lipstick did her best for the good of the show and ALL the artists.  Do I sound like I'm venting?  

Saturday I went to the Bath House where the White Rock Lake Studio Artists Tour artists were working on their mailing lists.  I didn't bring my list of 6 people, could mail them from home.  Marty Ruiz  was there and he told me he wants to do a totem next year.  I think "if" we do this next year I won't have any problems getting friends to respond to my call to artists.   

To all the artists - you've created an incredible show.  THANK YOU SO MUCH

Keep up with this blog for more great pictures.  


Thursday, September 25, 2008

State Fair of Texas Artists are installed

Cissy sent this phono of installation at the Fair.  Hardy took a bunch, but I don't have them yet.  He also brought his video camera.  We will be on utube soon.  The installation was terrific.  Everyone was glad to see each other, so complimentary of each other's work.  Everyone helped everyone else install and that wasn't always easy.  We had fork lifts, but no crew.  There was so much great energy.  Can't wait for you to see the great pictures.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Delbert Beckham - State Fair of Texas Totem Garden

Here's Delbert's totems and they are wonderful.  The name is Eye Can.  I first met Delbert and his darling wife Wilma when we did the Arboretum art show.  I misunderstood Wilma's name and thought it was Willa.  She told me to think of the Flintstones - Fred and Wilma.  I loved that movie.  Especially loved Elizabeth Taylor in the movie and her little white dog.  BlackJack would have thought the little dog was a morsel.  Now would be the time to pull out a picture of BlackJack and Elizabeth Taylor's little dog.  But this is about Delbert.  A wonderful artist, welder and teacher.  Delbert will also have a sculpture there.  I especially asked him to bring his wonderful flowers he had at the Arboretum.  They dance.  There's nothing like colorful metal dancing flowers in a garden, don't you think?  Come to the State Fair and see them dance.  

The Totem Garden starts at the Lagoon by the Bird Show and follows the lagoon by the Swan Boats and on to the Museum Walk Through Fountain Bob designed a few years ago.  Don't miss this incredible show of 47 artists with 56 pieces beautiful outdoor sculpture. 

Monday, September 15, 2008

Spotlight on Juli Hulsy

We're not in Kansas anymore Toto,we're in TOTEM LAND.  Here's Juli with her fabulous totem for the State Fair Totem Garden.  This is a gigantic pvc pipe she's had in her yard for some time and she's doing this incredible mosaic work on it.  She told me one little fish was 125 pieces all individually grinded.  Pretty special.  Juli's done a lot since this photo and I need to go over with my camera, but my totem is in the back yard SCREAMING at me to finish.  I'd like to open the windows in the bedroom tonight since it's so nice and cool outside, but I'm afraid the totem will slink over to our window and whisper scary words like - NINE DAYS TO INSTALLATION.  Inanimate objects have always scared me, but not as much as deadlines.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Welding Helmet

Since last I wrote I've been to the preview party for the Arboretum's Artscape at Larry and Marilyn's home.  Beautiful house and spectacular yard.  I told Marilyn the Forest Hills Garden Club would love a field trip and she said we'd be welcome.  I forgot my camera.  

Last night was the press party for the White Rock Lake Studio Artist's Tour.  I did bring my camera and will post pictures tonight.  The party was at Robin's and as always she made everyone feel so welcome.  Her home is incredibly beautiful with views that take your breath away.  Of course all the artists were in awe of her studio.

So today I have to brag about my new welding helmet.  You can't appreciate it unless you know about the old one.  Hence, both pictures.  

Well, let's talk MAKE MY DAY.  First the see thru window is not all scratched up and I can see.  Maybe my welds will look better now.  I had to duct tape the old helmet insert so it didn't lift up and down any more.  You know how that goes, you have to keep duct taping.  Finally there was so much duct tape gunk every time I took the helmet off it took chunks of my hair with it.  I do not look good with bald spots.  No duct tape on the new helmet - so the bald spots on my head are growing back.  And finally it's automatic darkening, pretty special.  I will admit Miss Cheapo got it on sale and used a coupon.  Can't take the "cheap" out of Lottie.  Oh, one last thing, even though this picture is blurry, I look fabulous in the new helmet!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lakewood Summer Arts Faire

Cynthia and I participated in the Lakewood Summer Arts Fair.  Can you say SLOOOOW!  Oh, my goodness.   Just about everyone walking around had on an artist name tag like us.  Enjoyed the visits, but could have been spending my time working on my State Fair of Texas art projects.  This show treats artists better than anyone.  They had a lovely reception for us after the preview at X10 and you could bring a guest.  I brought Bob, of course.  Valery told Bob at the reception she was going to do $22,000 during the show.  Knowing Valery, she probably did, or was that the X10 free wine talking?  Marty Ruiz was in the booth a few down from us and we enjoyed him.  Sutton and Mary Beth, whom we met at the show last year were across the room.  They are always full of good ideas along with their great jewelry.

There was a booth of paintings by homeless people who come to the shelter to paint.  90 percent goes back to the artist and the remaining 10% to the shelter for paint supplies.  Mine is by Marie, a beautiful painting of a ballerina dress on a hanger.  Next time I need a gift for a newborn girl I have it.  Also asked them to keep me informed where they will be selling the art, so I can support Marie's art. 

Cynthia and I spent the rest of the time eating and eating and having a contest to see how many non-artists we could find roaming around.  Of course my two twin sisters, Bobbi and Lola showed as they always do.  We are the only known 3 twins.  Also, Jamie, Glo, Mary and others.  The church still has the bottle tree they bought from me last year in the church yard.  That was pretty cool.  Art in the garden, don't you know.  

Back to the real world.  Time to either finish my State Fair pieces or let the panic mount.  We now have 48 artists.  This is going to be a most wonderful show and I will just keep bragging about it.