Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hardy's State Fair installation photos

Professional photographer, videographer, seriously creative person and Bob's and my dear friend came out and took pictures of the State Fair of Texas Fabulous Outdoor Sculpture Show installation.  He just sent me 3 pictures and is going to put the rest on a disk.  What a guy.  Maybe he will put part of the video on my blog and even u-tube.  Have I ever looked grubbier than I did that night?  Yeah, maybe when I was cutting slate out front for my sidewalk and the slate turns to mud when you use the saw.  Then I turned to mud.  But I digress - don't I always?  As soon as I get Hardy's disk I'll start posting his pictures, too.  Here's the 3 he sent.  Tho the pictures are great they really can't capture how much fun, how much energy and what a really incredible night it was.  To all of you who were there, I'll never forget it and hope it was special for you, too.

First picture is Virginia and her darling husband, Jim.  Good thing Jim's brother wasn't in the picture.  I would not have been able to tell them apart in a picture.  Guess I would have said, Virginia, Jim and the brother.  Next is Vet working on Baby Orca.  This is such a great piece, so inventive and Vet's great.  Virginia and I are thinking of taking her purse making class.  Third picture is Marty in the middle and I don't have a clue who's back of heads we're looking at.  Whoever you are - you're just unrecognizable from the back, sorry.  Does Marty look ready for action or what?  

Today I had lunch with My Darling Martha Dawn in old town Carrollton.  We walked around some shops and I bought Marty's Richard a little tiny teeny rooster at an antique shop.  They had several farm animals.  The odd part is I collected these little tiny teeny animals as a kid.  Don't have a clue whatever happened to them.  I'll be afraid to put the rooster in Richard's big hand.  It will get lost.  But his Rudy's Totem is so special, he needed another rooster.

Come out to the Fair and see the Totem Garden and the Sculpture Garden along the walk.

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