Friday, September 19, 2008

Delbert Beckham - State Fair of Texas Totem Garden

Here's Delbert's totems and they are wonderful.  The name is Eye Can.  I first met Delbert and his darling wife Wilma when we did the Arboretum art show.  I misunderstood Wilma's name and thought it was Willa.  She told me to think of the Flintstones - Fred and Wilma.  I loved that movie.  Especially loved Elizabeth Taylor in the movie and her little white dog.  BlackJack would have thought the little dog was a morsel.  Now would be the time to pull out a picture of BlackJack and Elizabeth Taylor's little dog.  But this is about Delbert.  A wonderful artist, welder and teacher.  Delbert will also have a sculpture there.  I especially asked him to bring his wonderful flowers he had at the Arboretum.  They dance.  There's nothing like colorful metal dancing flowers in a garden, don't you think?  Come to the State Fair and see them dance.  

The Totem Garden starts at the Lagoon by the Bird Show and follows the lagoon by the Swan Boats and on to the Museum Walk Through Fountain Bob designed a few years ago.  Don't miss this incredible show of 47 artists with 56 pieces beautiful outdoor sculpture. 
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