Monday, December 7, 2015

Rejection letters

I've been looking up lists of agents for children's books and writing a nice query letter along with a few pages of The Adventures of Octopus and Octopie.  Got a lot more responses than I thought I would.  Unfortunately they are all REJECTION letters, but at least they responded.  Some even said, "Don't give up, it's just not my genre".  I need to find out how many time J.K. Rowling was rejected before someone took a chance on Harry Potter's first book.   OK, I just googled and Ms. Rowling said she had "loads" of rejections and they weren't nice.  When I emailed Rich and to him I was getting quite a few rejection letters, but most nice, he sent this back in response,   :)    Rich is a man of few words, but I took that as encouragement.

I think I'll run a tally on my own website, of how many rejection letters I get.  Then I won't be depressed I'll just feel like I have new pen pals who won't ever write to me again.  Sounds like a plan.

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