Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chris and Carol Rose

June 11, the day of the big storm, Carol called to say they were on their way home, driving in sheets of rain when they stalled. Their alarm company had called and said the alarm was going off because of broken glass. The Chris and Carol rose is a gift from them for me going to their rescue. So sweet.

I remembered my garden club friend, Mary, suggesting planting behind my back fence when I complained about no sun in the yard. Believe me, I'd rather have my big trees and shade than tomatoes and any plant that needs 12 hours of sun.

The Chris and Carol rose looked so good I replanted 3 other roses (from kinda shady spots). Big holes, store bought soil, expanded shale and rose fertilizer - and look at the result. When the weather breaks I'll get out there make the area look nice.

You should see me hauling water buckets in my little red wagon every morning so I can water my 4 rose bushes. Very worth it.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another new project

Karen Eubank talked me into becoming a blogger for Examiner.com. Thank you, Karen. After giving them some background and a sample article, they accepted me. Here's my first piece. Click on examiner to check out this site.


June 11th, what seemed like a tornado swept through East Dallas. The hard rains began the night before and continued. Early Thursday morning our gentle giant trees swayed and bent to sheets of rain and wind. While we watched the dance on our street an old oak snapped in half and fell in slow motion away from our neighbor’s house. We turned to see another large tree snap and fall and another. Lightening. Yes, a large branch from our yard broke and fell completely covering our window view. Electricity flickered and out, for three days.

Walking through what seemed like a war zone that night, we saw so many of our beautiful 100 year old trees somehow morphed into a Stonehenge of odd stick soldier trees standing at attention. Mountains of debris obscure houses.

Perhaps East Dallas is the same, but the swirling wind and rain morphed me into a “Soldier Stick Tree” neighborhood that only resembles my ‘hood. Beam me back, Scotty.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Green Project

James Randall came home for Father's Day. Before we left for lunch I had Living With Ed on TV. He was showing a couple how this gadget, the Cool N Save, will bring down your AC cost 30%. I decided Bob needed one for Father's Day and ordered on line right then. Came late yesterday and I installed today. Easy installation, even for me. It mists around the unit making the air cooler when the fan comes on and the white spoon looking thing pops up. Pretty cool. Friends I've told about the Cool N Save are waiting to see our electric bill. Me, too.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tiling the Floor

This is the floor behind the bar are in our home. We had carpet back there and drinks have been spilled in the last 15 years, but our Miss Calico decided in the last few weeks this would be her personal litter box. NOPE. She's now an outdoor cat and I pulled out the carpet and am tiling the floor. Cynthia gave me pretty green/gray tile left over from her bathroom and I had three squares of the pink broken tile. I cut cut cut with my tile saw making every tile fit and then showed Bob who had a few suggestions. Note the floor with the black tile. Much better. Had to cut cut cut tile again, but worth it. That little tile saw has been such a trooper through so many projects. Today I'm going to start thin setting. If that happens, next week - grout. Do not worry Monte, there are plenty surfaces left in the house I haven't turn into a mosaic project.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Magnolia Tree

I know it's really hard to see, but this is the beginning of a big beautiful magnolia tree. Cynthia and I pulled 4 starters from under her giant tree. I did my best to graft them together, dug a big hole, put shale, good dirt, compost and all good things I could think of. Took off all the leaves, watered when needed and look closely - each of the 4 stalks has little baby leaves. Can you imagine how much more exciting this will be if it really makes it? The baby leaves made my day and I go out and check for new ones every day. The storm didn't seem to harm it. The big branch that fell in our yard just missed it. So this magnolia is destined to be a favorite mature tree someday.

I took a great picture, or so I thought, of the beautiful maple tree Barb gave me, but you can't see it in the picture for all the other stuff. I'll get another picture for you. The maple is a real beauty.

Rebecca and I went riding around the State Fair today so she could show me new places for sculptures, especially in the Discovery Garden. What a great area for people to see how much sculpture adds to a garden. Saw Jay and Brad's pieces inside the planters and they will really make the plants in the planters. Took a lot of pictures and should have them on the last page of my website - www.lottieminick.com - in a few days. They will be in an album on the last page. If I can upload, of course. Just cause I've managed to put two albums on doesn't mean I can remember how to do it again.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Water at the Arboretum

Back to the neighborhood Arboretum Stroll In The Garden with Andie. Here's some beautiful fountains in their garden. Since the garden tour I've decided I want to listen to water in the back yard, but like everything else, I think about it and do nothing and now it's too hot to get out there and dig a pond or fountain.

I did take advantage of the damp ground yesterday morning and tried to pull all the little oak trees out of the front beds. You'd think 8 million buckets or rain would make the ground soft enough to pull out the little trees by the nuts my darling squirrels bury. Nope. I broke most of them off. But the beds look better. Also picked up all the little branches all over the front yard from the storm. I will get you a picture of the magnolia (soon to be tree) Cynthia gave me. She and I pulled 4 little startups from under her big tree and I planted all 4 together. One now has tiny leaves. So exciting. I'll also get a picture of Barb's maple tree for you. Talk about looking pretty.

For today enjoy these beautiful fountains at the Arboretum. The Dallas Arboretum's just across the street, hope their storm damage was minimal.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Only a Couple More Depressing Pictures

I'm not going to continue with depressing pictures, just seems my street was really hit hard. I know everyone thinks it's their street, but........ Look for two articles about our storm, one in www.eastdallasblog.dallasnews.com and the other in www.blackwhiteread.com.

Last night after Jan's dinner party for Cynthia's birthday, Bob and I set out on the BlackJack walk. A police car was in the road half a block down with the headlights and those really bright lights on top blinding us. We walked toward the blinding light and Sargent Rod hopped out of the car. I said "Hi" and was about to ask why he was blinding us when I realized he was on police business with 3 gentleman standing on the other side of his car. Here we are on our nightly walk and instead of neighbors and their dogs with us, there's 3 guys we know shouldn't be there. But all's OK, because Sargent Rod's on the job.

And that's how 3 very stressful days in the neighborhood ends. Sargent Rod and his most terrific neighborhood patrol are looking out for us, taking care of us, making the world safe for us and most important giving us peace of mind. My little world is back to normal, thanks to Sargent Rod and crew.

Meet several of our officers when Forest Hills hosts our most patriotic 4th of July parade, Saturday, July 4th. We're baaaaaack - Small Town, USA. Check out the Forest Hills website for more information on the parade. www.foresthillsdallas.org

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Power's Back On

Most of Forest Hills' power was restored this afternoon. A long time for some residents without since the storm. Bob and I went to the movies, then for a hamburger all the while with fingers crossed hoping for power when we got home. Saw a few lights on as we drove through the neighborhood to our house. When we drove in the driveway our security motion lights came on. THANK YOU! to whoever got us back up and running. Here's a few more beautiful trees irreparably harmed.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Stormy Time in Forest Hills

Yes, we had a stormy day Thursday. Sometimes I wonder if we are in our own little tornado alley. We've had a few weird storms in the 15 years I've lived in Forest Hills. When Bob and I went walking this morning, FLASH didn't have her camera. Got my strength back during my after walk power nap and hit the road with my trusty camera. I met Nancy Visser, star reporter with eastdallasblog.dallasnews.com. She couldn't believe the devastation either. Seeing the big beautiful fallen oaks made me rant to her about the developers who came in and knocked them down for the joy of building track house McMansions, many still empty. We lose enough trees to old age and weather. Don't need developers with no heart cutting them down. But I do rant on.

Notice that each fallen tree pictured did the right thing and fell away from the house. Even in death, our trees are the best trees.

When we walked BlackJack last night my flashlight helped us pick our way through the debris. You can't believe how clean our street was on tonight's walk even with piles of branches stacked high in neighbor's yards. Amazing. We do live in the best neighborhood and by neighborhood I always include Little Forest Hills and Casa Linda.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ted's Artisan's Collective

Ted sold my climbing hearts, shown above, so I brought him my cast heart inside the frame I welded. Look at that face behind my heart - is that a face that knows hearts????? He's really delightful and I think halfway sane or he pretends really well. Only Ted knows how many artists he wrangles for his Artisan's Collective Gallery. More than 6 artists (and he has a lot more than 6) and I nominate him for SaintHood. I walked around the store a bit and the pieces he's accepted from his artists get better and better. Make Artisan's Collective in the Bishop Art's District a destination. Am I sounding like a travel agent? Really, it's worth the drive and there are lots of great places to eat and other stores and galleries as well. Ted's gallery soars above the rest, so keep your money in your pocket until you get to his store, then let it fly.

Garden Stroll at the Arboretum

The Dallas Arboretum graciously offered a Garden Stroll Tuesday from 5:00 to 8:00 complimentary to all the surrounding neighborhoods. Andie and I put on big hats and went strolling. Cute lady policeman at the gate let us in and Charlotte was there at guest relations to sign us in. Charlotte is my favorite person at the Arboretum. That's probably politically incorrect to say, but she's just great.

We had our big hats, but it was about 140 degrees and Andie says, "I always turn right when I enter, let's turn left." I agreed though I knew better. Andie, my little rancher friend, would go nuts when she saw the old town village back there. I knew she'd never seen it or she'd would have wanted to me show me. Do we know anyone who has more buildings in their back yard than Andie? Nope, but this gave her ideas. I kept snapping pictures for her as my fingers melted to butter and salty sweat ran in my eyes. But you have to admit any visit to the Arboretum, even in hurting heat is a treat. I emailed Charlotte later and she said most of the neighbors were from Forest Hills. Good for us.

After an hour we left and I went on to welding class. Can I find something to occupy my time that's not sweltering??????? Time for therapy - in an air conditioned place.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sculpture Show at The Great State Fair of Texas

Here we go again. I worked on one of the spreadsheets for the artists who will be participating this fall in the State Fair of Texas sculpture show today. Cynthia has graciously agreed to co-curate the show with me. I emailed her and said we need to think about closing. Without a single "call to artists" we have 57 committed artists. Many will do two pieces, so this show will be something. Not only "our" totem area in front of the lagoon, but also the walkway to the museum fountain Bob designed or as I prefer to call it "Bob's Fountain", but Melissa, of the Discovery Garden, has offered us places for pieces there. I'm sure Rebecca used her influence for us. I'm talking to Rebecca and hope she's working on the powers that be to name the walkway between the totem area and Bob's Fountain "Sculptor's Way". We again will have sculpture in the landscaped gardens.

I haven't written to you because I had jury duty last week and it wiped me out - daily. I confess, I didn't want to take the time and shame shame on me. The case was important and though the correct answer was obvious to 10 of the 12 jurors, those two made me realize how important it was that I was there. One person abstained. The other voted the other way. Neither could gave a reason that sounded at all credible to me. During juror questioning I was astounded at the antics some of the people went through to get a walk. Thank goodness they walked, we didn't need people like that. Suppose one of them had had a place on the jury? I hate to think the outcome. The lawyers and judge thanked us for doing our duty. No, we should have thanked them for the honor to serve. I've served on juries where the case was frivolous and I became jaded. Shame on me. Long days, long hours and lots of pinching myself during some of the lawyer's ramblings, but a good man had justice served and I'm proud I was part of it.

My baby boy turned 21 today and he came home for a while so we could take him to lunch, Patrizio, of course. I was so proud to tell him my jury story. He heard me complain often enough during the years when I got many jury summons. What a good story to tell on his birthday. He's voted in every election. His jury time is on the way.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jury Duty

I'm on jury duty this week and can't come home and figure out anything to write. So here's a rosebush I'm really proud of. I think this one came from my Great-Aunt Mardie's yard in Morrow, Louisiana. Or my grandmother's yard in New Iberia, Louisiana. They traded plants so much no one would ever know. They aren't good cutting roses, but they are like small cabbage roses and have a real rose smell.