Sunday, June 14, 2009

Only a Couple More Depressing Pictures

I'm not going to continue with depressing pictures, just seems my street was really hit hard. I know everyone thinks it's their street, but........ Look for two articles about our storm, one in and the other in

Last night after Jan's dinner party for Cynthia's birthday, Bob and I set out on the BlackJack walk. A police car was in the road half a block down with the headlights and those really bright lights on top blinding us. We walked toward the blinding light and Sargent Rod hopped out of the car. I said "Hi" and was about to ask why he was blinding us when I realized he was on police business with 3 gentleman standing on the other side of his car. Here we are on our nightly walk and instead of neighbors and their dogs with us, there's 3 guys we know shouldn't be there. But all's OK, because Sargent Rod's on the job.

And that's how 3 very stressful days in the neighborhood ends. Sargent Rod and his most terrific neighborhood patrol are looking out for us, taking care of us, making the world safe for us and most important giving us peace of mind. My little world is back to normal, thanks to Sargent Rod and crew.

Meet several of our officers when Forest Hills hosts our most patriotic 4th of July parade, Saturday, July 4th. We're baaaaaack - Small Town, USA. Check out the Forest Hills website for more information on the parade.
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