Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Water at the Arboretum

Back to the neighborhood Arboretum Stroll In The Garden with Andie. Here's some beautiful fountains in their garden. Since the garden tour I've decided I want to listen to water in the back yard, but like everything else, I think about it and do nothing and now it's too hot to get out there and dig a pond or fountain.

I did take advantage of the damp ground yesterday morning and tried to pull all the little oak trees out of the front beds. You'd think 8 million buckets or rain would make the ground soft enough to pull out the little trees by the nuts my darling squirrels bury. Nope. I broke most of them off. But the beds look better. Also picked up all the little branches all over the front yard from the storm. I will get you a picture of the magnolia (soon to be tree) Cynthia gave me. She and I pulled 4 little startups from under her big tree and I planted all 4 together. One now has tiny leaves. So exciting. I'll also get a picture of Barb's maple tree for you. Talk about looking pretty.

For today enjoy these beautiful fountains at the Arboretum. The Dallas Arboretum's just across the street, hope their storm damage was minimal.

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