Monday, June 22, 2009

Tiling the Floor

This is the floor behind the bar are in our home. We had carpet back there and drinks have been spilled in the last 15 years, but our Miss Calico decided in the last few weeks this would be her personal litter box. NOPE. She's now an outdoor cat and I pulled out the carpet and am tiling the floor. Cynthia gave me pretty green/gray tile left over from her bathroom and I had three squares of the pink broken tile. I cut cut cut with my tile saw making every tile fit and then showed Bob who had a few suggestions. Note the floor with the black tile. Much better. Had to cut cut cut tile again, but worth it. That little tile saw has been such a trooper through so many projects. Today I'm going to start thin setting. If that happens, next week - grout. Do not worry Monte, there are plenty surfaces left in the house I haven't turn into a mosaic project.
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