Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chris and Carol Rose

June 11, the day of the big storm, Carol called to say they were on their way home, driving in sheets of rain when they stalled. Their alarm company had called and said the alarm was going off because of broken glass. The Chris and Carol rose is a gift from them for me going to their rescue. So sweet.

I remembered my garden club friend, Mary, suggesting planting behind my back fence when I complained about no sun in the yard. Believe me, I'd rather have my big trees and shade than tomatoes and any plant that needs 12 hours of sun.

The Chris and Carol rose looked so good I replanted 3 other roses (from kinda shady spots). Big holes, store bought soil, expanded shale and rose fertilizer - and look at the result. When the weather breaks I'll get out there make the area look nice.

You should see me hauling water buckets in my little red wagon every morning so I can water my 4 rose bushes. Very worth it.
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