Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garden Stroll at the Arboretum

The Dallas Arboretum graciously offered a Garden Stroll Tuesday from 5:00 to 8:00 complimentary to all the surrounding neighborhoods. Andie and I put on big hats and went strolling. Cute lady policeman at the gate let us in and Charlotte was there at guest relations to sign us in. Charlotte is my favorite person at the Arboretum. That's probably politically incorrect to say, but she's just great.

We had our big hats, but it was about 140 degrees and Andie says, "I always turn right when I enter, let's turn left." I agreed though I knew better. Andie, my little rancher friend, would go nuts when she saw the old town village back there. I knew she'd never seen it or she'd would have wanted to me show me. Do we know anyone who has more buildings in their back yard than Andie? Nope, but this gave her ideas. I kept snapping pictures for her as my fingers melted to butter and salty sweat ran in my eyes. But you have to admit any visit to the Arboretum, even in hurting heat is a treat. I emailed Charlotte later and she said most of the neighbors were from Forest Hills. Good for us.

After an hour we left and I went on to welding class. Can I find something to occupy my time that's not sweltering??????? Time for therapy - in an air conditioned place.
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