Monday, June 8, 2009

Sculpture Show at The Great State Fair of Texas

Here we go again. I worked on one of the spreadsheets for the artists who will be participating this fall in the State Fair of Texas sculpture show today. Cynthia has graciously agreed to co-curate the show with me. I emailed her and said we need to think about closing. Without a single "call to artists" we have 57 committed artists. Many will do two pieces, so this show will be something. Not only "our" totem area in front of the lagoon, but also the walkway to the museum fountain Bob designed or as I prefer to call it "Bob's Fountain", but Melissa, of the Discovery Garden, has offered us places for pieces there. I'm sure Rebecca used her influence for us. I'm talking to Rebecca and hope she's working on the powers that be to name the walkway between the totem area and Bob's Fountain "Sculptor's Way". We again will have sculpture in the landscaped gardens.

I haven't written to you because I had jury duty last week and it wiped me out - daily. I confess, I didn't want to take the time and shame shame on me. The case was important and though the correct answer was obvious to 10 of the 12 jurors, those two made me realize how important it was that I was there. One person abstained. The other voted the other way. Neither could gave a reason that sounded at all credible to me. During juror questioning I was astounded at the antics some of the people went through to get a walk. Thank goodness they walked, we didn't need people like that. Suppose one of them had had a place on the jury? I hate to think the outcome. The lawyers and judge thanked us for doing our duty. No, we should have thanked them for the honor to serve. I've served on juries where the case was frivolous and I became jaded. Shame on me. Long days, long hours and lots of pinching myself during some of the lawyer's ramblings, but a good man had justice served and I'm proud I was part of it.

My baby boy turned 21 today and he came home for a while so we could take him to lunch, Patrizio, of course. I was so proud to tell him my jury story. He heard me complain often enough during the years when I got many jury summons. What a good story to tell on his birthday. He's voted in every election. His jury time is on the way.
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