Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another new project

Karen Eubank talked me into becoming a blogger for Thank you, Karen. After giving them some background and a sample article, they accepted me. Here's my first piece. Click on examiner to check out this site.


June 11th, what seemed like a tornado swept through East Dallas. The hard rains began the night before and continued. Early Thursday morning our gentle giant trees swayed and bent to sheets of rain and wind. While we watched the dance on our street an old oak snapped in half and fell in slow motion away from our neighbor’s house. We turned to see another large tree snap and fall and another. Lightening. Yes, a large branch from our yard broke and fell completely covering our window view. Electricity flickered and out, for three days.

Walking through what seemed like a war zone that night, we saw so many of our beautiful 100 year old trees somehow morphed into a Stonehenge of odd stick soldier trees standing at attention. Mountains of debris obscure houses.

Perhaps East Dallas is the same, but the swirling wind and rain morphed me into a “Soldier Stick Tree” neighborhood that only resembles my ‘hood. Beam me back, Scotty.
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