Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Magnolia Tree

I know it's really hard to see, but this is the beginning of a big beautiful magnolia tree. Cynthia and I pulled 4 starters from under her giant tree. I did my best to graft them together, dug a big hole, put shale, good dirt, compost and all good things I could think of. Took off all the leaves, watered when needed and look closely - each of the 4 stalks has little baby leaves. Can you imagine how much more exciting this will be if it really makes it? The baby leaves made my day and I go out and check for new ones every day. The storm didn't seem to harm it. The big branch that fell in our yard just missed it. So this magnolia is destined to be a favorite mature tree someday.

I took a great picture, or so I thought, of the beautiful maple tree Barb gave me, but you can't see it in the picture for all the other stuff. I'll get another picture for you. The maple is a real beauty.

Rebecca and I went riding around the State Fair today so she could show me new places for sculptures, especially in the Discovery Garden. What a great area for people to see how much sculpture adds to a garden. Saw Jay and Brad's pieces inside the planters and they will really make the plants in the planters. Took a lot of pictures and should have them on the last page of my website - - in a few days. They will be in an album on the last page. If I can upload, of course. Just cause I've managed to put two albums on doesn't mean I can remember how to do it again.
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