Friday, June 12, 2009

Stormy Time in Forest Hills

Yes, we had a stormy day Thursday. Sometimes I wonder if we are in our own little tornado alley. We've had a few weird storms in the 15 years I've lived in Forest Hills. When Bob and I went walking this morning, FLASH didn't have her camera. Got my strength back during my after walk power nap and hit the road with my trusty camera. I met Nancy Visser, star reporter with She couldn't believe the devastation either. Seeing the big beautiful fallen oaks made me rant to her about the developers who came in and knocked them down for the joy of building track house McMansions, many still empty. We lose enough trees to old age and weather. Don't need developers with no heart cutting them down. But I do rant on.

Notice that each fallen tree pictured did the right thing and fell away from the house. Even in death, our trees are the best trees.

When we walked BlackJack last night my flashlight helped us pick our way through the debris. You can't believe how clean our street was on tonight's walk even with piles of branches stacked high in neighbor's yards. Amazing. We do live in the best neighborhood and by neighborhood I always include Little Forest Hills and Casa Linda.
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