Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ted's Artisan's Collective

Ted sold my climbing hearts, shown above, so I brought him my cast heart inside the frame I welded. Look at that face behind my heart - is that a face that knows hearts????? He's really delightful and I think halfway sane or he pretends really well. Only Ted knows how many artists he wrangles for his Artisan's Collective Gallery. More than 6 artists (and he has a lot more than 6) and I nominate him for SaintHood. I walked around the store a bit and the pieces he's accepted from his artists get better and better. Make Artisan's Collective in the Bishop Art's District a destination. Am I sounding like a travel agent? Really, it's worth the drive and there are lots of great places to eat and other stores and galleries as well. Ted's gallery soars above the rest, so keep your money in your pocket until you get to his store, then let it fly.
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