Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cleanup comes to the 'Hood

Yesterday on the way home from our morning walk, we heard them before we saw them - the bulky trash trucks. The June 11 storm was our bulky trash day, but the big trucks would have been storm targets. The big crane truck had two filler trucks behind him. Didn't take long to fill the trucks. You should have seen the crane operator. This guy's been doing this a while. Our street looks like home now, clean. Still parts of the neighborhood are waiting for their bulky trash trucks. Hopefully they're on the way. Getting the debris out will take part of the sad frown away. Mel came by when he first started driving a crane and parked it in front of the house. I got to sit in the cab. After he left, I realized he should have let me get in the cab that goes up high. I still have time.
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