Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Attack of the Dreaded Tomato Horn Worm

I planted this Better Boy tomato in one of my garage sale finds, an old wheel barrow, so I could wheel it around the yard looking for sun underneath all my wonderful old oaks. This plant bore six delicious tomatoes. Sunday morning I watered it and the other two as usual. Sunday afternoon, I braced myself for the 140 degree heat and ran out to move it to a sunny spot. Look what I found - STALKS! I sent this picture to my neighbor and expert gardener Mike. He said this was the Attack of the Dreaded Tomato Horn Worm. Isn't this awful? I threw this plant away and moved the other two from this area. You water, fertilize, move the plants and hope for fruit. Then what happens? Attacks! Not fair.

The Tomato Lady spoke to our garden club this year. We had one of our biggest turnouts. You might want to check out her website for great tips and possible Horn Worm advice.

Check out my latest article on Examiner.com about the Dreaded Tomato Horn Bug

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