Saturday, July 18, 2009

Worst store, middln' store, BEST STORE

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Yesterday, I ventured out without whining because we had rain, over 3 inches the night before. I dropped my cell phone for the last time. Dead. I bought a new phone when my contract was up 2 years ago, but gave it to Randall. The new one didn't have a loud speaker phone. This one is so loud Mom can hear her brothers when we call them, they can hear her, hence I'm not screaming in the phone during the conversations trying to interpret. But this last drop did the phone in.

To the phone store. Someone greeted me immediately like they cared. Sure. Asked my problem, checked me in and of course couldn't help me, had to wait for someone else. Not many people in the store, lots of clerks, but I know better. Finally sat next to a man who just wanted to buy a case for his phone. There's no cash register or anyone who can just check him out so he has to wait for a "service representative", too. He and I sit for about a half hour and he just gives up. But I have no phone service so I wait. Could of brought a Harry Potter book and finished it.

Finally my 12 year old service representative comes to get me. Long story short, my contract is up in 10 days. The $10.00 phone I'd picked out is available to me for hundreds of dollars unless I wait 10 days. Oh. There are other phones for more $$, but still 10 days. Finally I think to ask the 12 year old how I can just buy a cheap phone I can put my simm card in. He says, "Go to Walmart." Why didn't I think of that?

Walmart wasn't too pleased to see me either, but at least I found the phone, I got them to give me scissors so I could tear apart the packaging around the phone that's not meant to be opened, and I put the simm card in to see if the phone would work. Wasn't leaving without phone service. $35.00 and only 30 minutes later, I'm out that door.

On to my favorite metal store to buy metal for my State Fair sculpture. I'd already ordered it and paid with credit card. Into the office where they know me by name, smile and greet me like they are glad to see me, pull up my paperwork and sent me to Bay 10. There, also they know me by name, smile and treat me like a valued customer. On to the back to pick up four 10 foot long square tubing in my 11 year old two door Honda Civic. The passenger window doesn't roll down anymore, but the back seats still fold down. The guys back there greet me almost by name, "Hey Miss Lady Welder" and put the big metal tubes in the car through the sun roof and on into the trunk. They brag on my "little red truck" like they always do. Thank yous and smiles all around, instructions to drive safely and I'm on my way home.

Why aren't all stores like this? I feel good, they feel good, we all leave with smiles and that wonderful Texas - Have A Nice Day.

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