Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Welding Helmet

Since last I wrote I've been to the preview party for the Arboretum's Artscape at Larry and Marilyn's home.  Beautiful house and spectacular yard.  I told Marilyn the Forest Hills Garden Club would love a field trip and she said we'd be welcome.  I forgot my camera.  

Last night was the press party for the White Rock Lake Studio Artist's Tour.  I did bring my camera and will post pictures tonight.  The party was at Robin's and as always she made everyone feel so welcome.  Her home is incredibly beautiful with views that take your breath away.  Of course all the artists were in awe of her studio.

So today I have to brag about my new welding helmet.  You can't appreciate it unless you know about the old one.  Hence, both pictures.  

Well, let's talk MAKE MY DAY.  First the see thru window is not all scratched up and I can see.  Maybe my welds will look better now.  I had to duct tape the old helmet insert so it didn't lift up and down any more.  You know how that goes, you have to keep duct taping.  Finally there was so much duct tape gunk every time I took the helmet off it took chunks of my hair with it.  I do not look good with bald spots.  No duct tape on the new helmet - so the bald spots on my head are growing back.  And finally it's automatic darkening, pretty special.  I will admit Miss Cheapo got it on sale and used a coupon.  Can't take the "cheap" out of Lottie.  Oh, one last thing, even though this picture is blurry, I look fabulous in the new helmet!

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