Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New photos of State Fair Totems

The State Fair of Texas is open and the Sculpture/Totem Show is spectacular if I do say so myself.  Here's pictures of a few pieces.  Delbert's "Eye Can", Jay's very tall totem with farm implements, Gary's wonderful pottery totem, and Dan's incredible piece.  All have names, but I'm having a senior moment and can only remember Delbert's right now.  I'll post more pictures every day. 

We ended up with 45 artists bringing 56 pieces.  I've been to the Fair every day for a few minutes and I'm impressed with the Fair guests who are very respectful of the art.  Yesterday when I went out there was a girl pretending to play one of the guitars on my totem while a friend took a picture of her.  I almost asked for a copy, because of course Miss "Flash" didn't have her camera.  

I still can't get over how much fun installation was and the high energy and good times we had.  Can't imagine being able to repeat that one.  Of course, there were a few artists who knew they were special and had to KEEP asking for special considerations.  So, in the words of Sarah Palen, the pitt bull in lipstick did her best for the good of the show and ALL the artists.  Do I sound like I'm venting?  

Saturday I went to the Bath House where the White Rock Lake Studio Artists Tour artists were working on their mailing lists.  I didn't bring my list of 6 people, could mail them from home.  Marty Ruiz  was there and he told me he wants to do a totem next year.  I think "if" we do this next year I won't have any problems getting friends to respond to my call to artists.   

To all the artists - you've created an incredible show.  THANK YOU SO MUCH

Keep up with this blog for more great pictures.  


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