Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lakewood Summer Arts Faire

Cynthia and I participated in the Lakewood Summer Arts Fair.  Can you say SLOOOOW!  Oh, my goodness.   Just about everyone walking around had on an artist name tag like us.  Enjoyed the visits, but could have been spending my time working on my State Fair of Texas art projects.  This show treats artists better than anyone.  They had a lovely reception for us after the preview at X10 and you could bring a guest.  I brought Bob, of course.  Valery told Bob at the reception she was going to do $22,000 during the show.  Knowing Valery, she probably did, or was that the X10 free wine talking?  Marty Ruiz was in the booth a few down from us and we enjoyed him.  Sutton and Mary Beth, whom we met at the show last year were across the room.  They are always full of good ideas along with their great jewelry.

There was a booth of paintings by homeless people who come to the shelter to paint.  90 percent goes back to the artist and the remaining 10% to the shelter for paint supplies.  Mine is by Marie, a beautiful painting of a ballerina dress on a hanger.  Next time I need a gift for a newborn girl I have it.  Also asked them to keep me informed where they will be selling the art, so I can support Marie's art. 

Cynthia and I spent the rest of the time eating and eating and having a contest to see how many non-artists we could find roaming around.  Of course my two twin sisters, Bobbi and Lola showed as they always do.  We are the only known 3 twins.  Also, Jamie, Glo, Mary and others.  The church still has the bottle tree they bought from me last year in the church yard.  That was pretty cool.  Art in the garden, don't you know.  

Back to the real world.  Time to either finish my State Fair pieces or let the panic mount.  We now have 48 artists.  This is going to be a most wonderful show and I will just keep bragging about it.

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