Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm starting to dream about this keyboard, because I don't think it will ever be finished and the State Fair of Texas due date is now in countdown.  I'd like to whine and blame my slow pace on the weather, but since I've lived here forever that's kind of a lame excuse.  At least the two guitars for "Randall's Music Garden" are finished.  

On a sad note, Randall's best friend, Derek, lost his grandmother last night.  Mimi and I had great relationship.  The first time I met Mimi, she thought I was Ann, mother of the "good" friend of Derek's, not the rogue (Randall).  The boys were in first grade and Derek had spent the weekend with Mimi.  Mimi went on and on about Derek's ragamuffin clothes and shoes.  She'd had to take him clothes shopping just so she could take him to church Sunday without being embarrassed.  Mimi went on and on about the holes in the bottom of Derek's shoes.  I waited for her to take a breath and then said, "Jeez, Mimi, Randall has holes in his shoes, how come you didn't take him to get new shoes?"  Remember this was our first time to meet.  Mimi, impeccably dressed in St. John, Neiman Marcus makeup and helmit hair that wouldn't budge in Katrina, was simply SHOCKED and thought I was after her money.  

Our boys went to Lakehill, I know snooty snooty (and you can imagine how I fit in).  Mimi never missed an award ceremony, play, or any parental event.  I never missed an opportunity to tell people as her grandson's best friend's Mom, I'm her favorite.  Mimi was too polite to tell the snoots she thought I was insane. Finally, Mimi's sense of humor overcame her "What Will These People Think" syndrome and by the time the boys hit high school, she would introduce me and laugh with everyone else when I would tell them I'm Mimi's favorite.   Finally wore the old girl down and we had lots of laughs.  

Mimi married 5 times and every time the guy was richer and all of them nice.  She managed to do this without a whacked sense of humor like me.  Gotta love her.  May you have lots of laughs in Heaven, dear Mimi.
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