Tuesday, August 26, 2008

State Fair of Texas Artist - Chris

Here's Chris, featured sculpture artist for today.  He is so talented and busy with work and his art.  I thought I'd have to walk over to his house and beg him to be in the State Fair of Texas sculpture show.  Before I could get to the whining part, he just said yes.  What a coo (is that a word?) for me!  Chris is also on the White Rock Lake Artist's Studio Tour which is October 18 and 19.  I knew he'd be overwhelmed and can't believe he agreed so quickly.  His piece will be spectacular.

Here's the sad part.  I can't figure out a way to get his wife, Carol, in the show.  Carol is an artist in the kitchen.  My darling Bob had to go to Moscow for a week about 10 years ago.  He lived on beets.  Beets as soup, beets as meat, beets as vegetable, beets as dessert, and he was eating in "5 star?" restaurants.  He swore he'd never eat beets again.  Chris and Carol have us over for dinner one night.  She serves beets.  Bob's wolfs them down, told her they were delicious and then asks what he just ate.  Carol didn't know Bob had a giant fear of beets.  I'm going to work on how to turn her creations into a piece of sculpture for next year's show.  Perhaps bronze some of her beets?  No, I see them in a mosaic creation.
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