Friday, August 22, 2008

Frog Season

It's FROG SEASON.  Last night before we were at the end of the first block on the BlackJack walk, I found this little frog.  Smallest I've ever captured.  For some reason I always find them in the first block so I have to carry them the rest of the walk.  Not a heavy load, but they usually immediately pee all over my  hand.  A small price to pay to save them from road kill.  They don't realize while having a heart attack in my hand that they will be living the good life in my back yard very soon with no worry of road kill.  This little guy is the first frog ever to not pee.  Hence he's now a star on the blog.

Bob swears when it's FROG SEASON the minute we open the front door for the BlackJack walk the frogs quit singing "Ribit" and start singing "Mrs. Minick".
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