Wednesday, August 20, 2008

State Fair of Texas Art Show

Here we go.  Sissy, Lynn and Andrew working on their totem for this year's State Fair of Texas art show.  The theme for this year's Fair is the 5 senses and this piece they are working on is touch ( a big thumb).  I hope to give you pictures in progress of this wonderful totem.  

At last count I had 26 totem artists and 24 sculpture artists.  That's not an accurate count for the pieces since some artists are doing totems and sculpture pieces.  

Today I rode with Rusty and Rebecca while we looked at sites.  The totem garden will be in front of the lagoon with "sculptor's way" going from there to the museum walk through fountain Bob designed.  

I'm hoping this show will be spectacular, but most important to prove it's success, pieces sell.

The State Fair starts September 26.  We are in countdown.
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