Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Art doings

Jay and I went to the new animal shelter on Westmoreland to pick up our art pieces and Cynthia's.  Here we are delivering Cynthia's piece to her.  One would think she'd be appreciative enough to let me take her full face picture.  Jay was really good taking me with him to get his bells.  He took down my dragonfly (no easy feat).  You can see the dragonfly upside down totally exhausted in the back of the truck.  Now that Hardy and Mel are not my art installers (thank you very much) I'm fortunate to have Jay.  And for Jay's sake I'll be welding more manageable pieces.  Jay also explained how I can mount the dragonfly on the big tree stump in our front yard.  How cool will that be?  I may not have a great garden, but I can say I do attract dragonflies.
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