Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oreo needs a home

This is Oreo. She needs a home. Our son is in college in Denton. He lives in a 4 bedroom student housing apartment. Two of his room mates are old friends. Mid term another guy moves in and brings Oreo. Dogs are not allowed in student housing. The guy gets a job that takes him away from home most of the time. Oreo is left in his room. Our son and his two room mates begin to care for her, walking her, buying food for her, etc. They told me one day the guy came home and had no food for Oreo and put dry macaroni in her bowl. But the boys made sure she had real food. Despite being left alone for hours she never had an accident. She's a good girl.

The guy skipped a couple months rent and the apartment manager finally threw him out. But he was impressed the boys cared for Oreo and he has given them a week or so to find Oreo a home or a no kill shelter. Except for being depressed, she's a great dog. Don't know much about her except she's spayed.

Bob and I are so proud of our son and his friends coming to Oreo's rescue. If you know anyone who could take Oreo, please let us know.
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