Thursday, October 7, 2010

State Fair of Texas visit

Went to the State Fair of Texas tonight with the two men I loved most in the world, my husband and son. Had a lovely time. Have to admit I'm happiest when I have the two of them all to myself. Ran into serious art fans, Denise and Max, along with their darling granddaughter. Took a picture of them with Bob's art, the archway by Big Tex. Great thing about Bob's art is it's all over the Fair so when we meet people we know we can take a picture with his work in the background. At least I got to tell Denise and Max about Bob's stuff. When I'm out there with Lynn and Sissy, they always beat me to it, telling people, "Bob did that, Bob did that, Bob did that." Well, they're delighted to point out his design work, too. Can't blame them.
Besides Bob's designs, don't miss the Friends of Lottie Sculpture Garden and the art show I put on in the Butterfly House. And if you'd like to browse through an album of the pieces go to
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