Sunday, October 3, 2010

State Fair of Texas - Two commissons

Terry Jones called tonight. Big news, he just got two commissions from art lovers who saw his beautiful sculptures at the State Fair. CONGRATULATIONS, TERRY!!!!!
Here are some of his pieces. I can't get into Big Tex Circle to get a good photo of his spider, an incredible piece. Check them all out in person, photos don't do them justice.
Besides participating in the State Fair, Terry has put on the most wonderful show in Jewett, the Jewett EDC show which will get bigger as time goes by. I'm so excited to be hangin' with the big boys in Jewett. Get down there and see his show.
Combining the Friends of Lottie and Butterfly House show, the artists are now making a sale a day. I'm blown away. And I'm hangin' with some pretty big boys and girls in the State Fair show, too.
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