Wednesday, September 29, 2010

White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour

This morning I went to Virgina's Pegasius Art studio for more glass. I know it's now more than an addiction. Who's there buying but Sylvia Thornton. She's not a glass fuser, but she's such a great artist she incorporates all kinds of different mediums in her art.
I usually run into Sylvia at art receptions and parties dressed to the nines and looking fabulous. She's really pretty. Today with the morning sun making everything way too bright, I looked at Sylvia after our hug with no makeup, casual clothes, hair swept up with a barrette and she looked fabulous. You can't even get annoyed with her about that because she's so nice. Trust me, I tried. You can see beautiful Sylvia and the incredible piece Sylvia will be making with the glass she bought today during the White Rock Lake Artists' Studio Tour; Saturday and Sunday, October 16 and 17 from 10:00 to 6:00 pm.
Speaking of fabulous artists, here's Virginia's piece at the State Fair of Texas Friends of Lottie Sculpture Garden. I welded this weird grubby little table for her and she took it and turned it into a showpiece. Virginia is a master artist and very pretty, too. You really should go to the Fair and see her table in person. Might want to take it home with you.
Virginia's of course on the tour, a founding member. She's on my street. I know her studio will be crowded - throw me a bone and come on down the street to my studio after. I'll have drinks "soft" to lure you in.
Here's Virginia's wonderful table.
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