Tuesday, September 14, 2010

White Rock Lake Artists' Studio Tour

Saturday and Sunday, October 16 and 17, don't miss this great tour. I'd love to show how I weld my hearts and stars during the tour, but I'd put someone's eyes out. I'm going to have some hearts and stars ready go in the kiln to show how I cast the glass. Virginia is selling me glass from her new venture www.PegaisusArt.com and I can run over and get glass (and lots of advice from a pro). I'm inspired this year. Don't miss this wonderful FREE tour with 44 artists showing their studios and how they make their art.

PS. Ran to get my camera today, but I was too late. A tiny little toad came to visit while I was cutting glass. I love these guys. (do worry I'll step on one, would never get over that "squish")
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