Friday, September 17, 2010

White Rock Lake Garden & Artisans Tour - Hearts afire

Hearts will be growing all around my studio during the White Rock Lake Artists' Studio Tour. I'm in a heart mood. I'm bending thin rods and casting colored glass inside. Not just red but lots of colors. For sale during the tour.

Bob had a great idea. Make some more metal hearts, cast them and weld them to a rod. Call them "Lottie Pops". Pretty cool, huh? My Mom always said, "Lottie Kate, if you can't be smart, marry smart." Well, I was smart enough to do that. I'll post pictures of Lottie Pops as soon as I make them. Hope they look good enough to eat.

Don't miss the White Rock Lake Artists' Studio Tour, Saturday and Sunday, October 17 and 18.
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