Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Field trip

Juli called around 11:30 today when The Young and The Restless was on and I was on hold with yet another social security person for Mom. The recording told me I had a 24 minute wait, so I hung up when I saw it was Juli. She said, "Field Trip". I said, "I have color on my roots, give me 15 minutes." She and Barbara showed up in 14 minutes to critique the color. They approved maroon. Missed the end of The Young and The Restless.

Barbara drove, Juli navigated. I sat in the back and tried to hang on, not easy even with my seat belt clicked. We got lost, but thank goodness did not end up in Oklahoma like last field trip. We were lost somewhere in Oak Cliff. Finally found the place amid many phone calls, 3 conversations going on at once and me falling out of my seat, again with seat belt clicked.

We went to this place that makes styrofoam, cuts them into beautiful shapes and then coats it with something so hard you can mosaic on it. We were like kids in a candy store. Barbara and I were rolling in it. So much fun I forgot to take pictures. Here's three pieces they gave me. They gave me more, but Barbara wouldn't let the rest out of her car when we got to my house. We had so many big pieces, I was wedged in my car seat on the way home and didn't fall out even when Barbara ran over a curb, twice. There's always an upside to a story.

We will be carving and playing with these pieces and then back to where ever this place is, whatever the name is and have them coated. Seriously cool. They are going back Friday and I'll get them to take pictures. I can't go, my bum still hurts from when I fell off my car seat.
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