Monday, September 27, 2010

JEDC/Leon County Art Trail

Terry Jones installed my Tic Tac Heart today in Jewitt. Saturday Delbert and Wilma came over after picking up sculptures at the Gaylord (where Delbert sold 3 pieces). They brought back Virginia's and my piece from the show Delbert put on and took my Tic Tac Heart along with his piece to go in the JEDC/Leon County Art Trail Sculpture Show.
During Delbert's State Fair of Texas Friends of Lottie Sculpture Garden installation Wilma and I were visiting and Delbert hollers at me, "Lottie, focus!" Huh? Oh, he wanted me to decide where his pieces were going - that's why we were there. Well, I focused and Delbert got them installed in great places.
When Wilma and Delbert came over Saturday did Delbert holler "Lottie, focus!" at any time? No! So we loaded my Tic Tac Hearts in his truck and they drove off. Terry calls me the next day and says, "Where's the base for you sculpture?" OOOOOOOOOOOOOPS! I needed to blow 4 holes in the base so Terry could bolt them to the cement pads he poured for all the sculptures to be installed. I looked over and there sat the base, next to my tanks.
Today I drove the base down to Jewett and met Terry and his wife Carla. What a great place they have on the main street. Worth going to Jewett to see that many of Terry's pieces in one place. I asked Carla if any other women were juried in and she said, "No, you're it." WOW I feel like I'm really with the big boys now.
Terry installed my piece in a nano second. Then Carla and Terry took me on a tour of all the sculptures. Did I think to take pictures of these impressive pieces? No. I'll ask Carla where to find pictures of all and post the link in a day or two.
Terry and Carla have done an incredible job putting this show together and now everyone wants in including the more businesses. Speaking as someone who's put on a few art shows, you can see all their hard work in the end result. And check out the brass plaque Terry installs next on the pad with your sculpture with all your information. Are we talking classy or what?
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