Wednesday, September 22, 2010

State Fair of Texas

We're installed!!!!! I haven't counted how many pieces or artists. Next post. The fun flew during installation, my favorite day of the year. I love these wonderful friends/artists who show up to for me along with the new artists. Go to my website for installation pictures. My phone rang constantly and I was a little busy so taking pictures wasn't my priority, but I got a few cute ones. Had a panic attack when I lost my water bottle. Darling Staci to the rescue for Lottie DAAAAAAAA with a cooler of water and Little Debbie Snack Cakes. I ate 5 red velvet mini cakes. Simply delicious. Then after calming down, I found the water bottle in the pocket of my overalls. Shame on me for worrying, I was surrounded by people who take the most excellent care of me, allowing me to put on the best and biggest show in Texas. They are the best.
Come out to the State Fair of Texas, get a map from the information booth, ask the people in the booth to show where Sculptors' Way is located on the map. Then have them point. Follow their point and go see the FABULOUS sculptures by my most FABULOUS artists during the State Fair of Texas.
And maybe even take out your checkbook and buy one of the most incredible pieces. I promise, on my Friends of Lottie Sculpture Show curator oath, the sculpture you buy will bring you good luck, good friends and good thoughts about you. Where else can you get all that from one purchase???????
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