Saturday, September 25, 2010

White Rock Lake Studio Artists' Tour

Terra cotta cut into shapes with a tile saw turn into mud which eventually turns me into mud. I wore my clear face mask and wrapped myself in a big garbage bag and still I turned the color of red mud. Forgot to put anything on my head. OOOOOPS I washed my hair, but I still feel shards and won't even try to run a comb thru my hair. Did have a thought that terra cotta dust could be a root touch up.
The pots I'm cutting up are from fused glass class at CAC. Becky taught us how to drip glass in a kiln through clay pots. The pots retain some of the glass in great patterns. She was throwing the pots away. I asked if I could have some and the plan was to mosaic this heart I made years ago with this cool stuff. Well I glued about 6 pot bottoms to the heart and put that aside for a few months that turned into a year. Decided to finish it for the White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour coming up Saturday and Sunday, October 16 and 17. The tour is worth me turning into mud. Should be out there right now working on it, but hooray it's raining.
I cleaned up my Tic Tac Hearts for Delbert to pick up today and take to Jewett, Texas so Terry Stone can install for the Jewett sculpture show. Now there's a big bare spot in the front yard and this heart will fill the spot nicely.
I used liquid nails to glue on the terra cotta pieces to the heart. Spent about an hour after my shower trying to get the glue off my hands so I could meet Debbie's Angels at Lee Harvey's to toast our Debbie. I used liquid nails because I bought a bucket full of tubes at one of Lynn's estate sales. Gloves? you ask. Please, that would be the smart thing to do, I'm not into that.
It sprinkled rain at Lee Harveys. We knew it was Debbie saying she was with us. Lovely evening, we all agreed we'll return often.
Meet Debbie's Angels Saturday afternoon October 16. They will be in my back yard wearing their halos, showing Ms. Stearns heart and visiting with tour goers. How often do you get to meet real live angels??????? Hearts seem to be the theme at my studio this year.
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