Tuesday, September 21, 2010

State Fair of Texas sculpture install

Today is install day for the State Fair of Texas Friends of Lottie Sculpture Show. I'm going out this morning to install my pieces and go back at 5:00 until dark for the artists while they install. Love installation day. Not crazy about all the walking I'll be doing. I was worn out from the butterfly house installation and that's in a confined area, not to mention mosquitoes will be vicious tonight and you know how they treat me like like their favorite buffet.
Usually the night before installation Lynn and Sissy call me and ask if I need help grouting. I say, "No, I'm OK." Of course I'm not and they know that, so they trot on over. I told them a few weeks ago my mosaic football was finished and I would not need them.
Last night I called Lynn around midnight and told her I'm astonished she didn't call to check on me. She said I assured her I was OK weeks ago. I've assured them before and not been OK. Actually, I am OK, but while polishing the football I found two teeny tiny spots I missed grouting. I'm out of black grout so asked Lynn to put two teaspoons on her porch for me for this morning. I'm on my way to get it right now. Thanks Sisters in Art.
Here's a few more pictures of really pretty artists with their great pieces during install at the Butterfly House Sunday. More pictures on www.lottieminick.com

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