Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Guilbeau relatives with us at Billy Bob's

The Guilbeau relatives are in from California.  Yes, California, not Louisiana.  Mother's brother, Charles, moved to California and this is his only child, Ray, his wife, Karen, son Landon and daughter, Sydney.  Bob and I met them at Mom's and visited a while and on to eat at Billy Bob's and play some games.  As you cans see from the top picture, the Casino Crew was ready with stars in their eyes.  A good time was had.  These three ladies who run the Casino at Billy Bob's are the most delightful people you'd ever meet.  Every Saturday night Bob and I go, it's never work, all fun all the time because they bring fun to work.

Uncle Eddie, Mom's oldest brother flew in from Odessa, Texas (he's 87) to be with all of us.  He didn't go out with us last night, but will is on his way with Ray and family now for lunch.  We are going to find boiled crawfish for Ray.  But to be honest, who will eat more crawfish than anyone?  Remember how concerned I was when Cynthia was invited to Chris and Carol's crawfish boil?  She's from Louisiana and I was sure there wouldn't be enough for both of us.  She finally gave up and I kept going another hour until there were no heads connected to tails.

We had someone shoot a video of us playing the derby race, but I can't figure out how to get it on the computer.  Maybe next post.
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