Friday, November 14, 2008

Hot Flash Art Girls Lunch

Cynthia, Juli, Karen and I met at The Porch for our once a month Hot Flash Art Girls lunch.  I think our last monthly luncheon was 6 months ago.  Now Karen is in charge of our lunch dates and is going to schedule for us and those who can make it fine and those who can't will try for next month.  We discovered we were all REJECTED for the Bath House mosaic art show - Off the Wall Part 2.  My work may  not be good enough for them, but I know the others are.  Can't figure out why not one of us got in.  Will go to the show and see who did.  Sissy was coming with us and totally forgot.  I love that and will use that when it happens to me.

After went out to Salon D (across the Galleria) but to me it seems like Oklahoma.  I sat for 45 minutes while Angie was waiting on me because the girls at the desk forgot me.  Got there a bit before my 1:30 appointment and got out at 6:00.  Would have been a long day if not for enjoying Angie and her clients.  Here's a picture of Angie, to the left, and some of her clients.

Also, decided to put in this last picture.  Sarah, you might show this to Vicki.

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